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this just is not very good, not saying that it is bad just dont do what i did and wasted my money in buying this record

Review by: unicron

I don't agree with the things unicron states above. I think this is a great record that alot of black-metal fans would like although it is not really original. The style is raw yet with melodic parts and some small acoustic stuff in some songs. It's best described as a mix between Immortal and (old) Ulver(without the clean voice parts).This cd at least deserves an 8 and is worth investing your money in if you like black metal

Review by: werewolf666

it's a good album but i think the vocals sometimes don't fit in the music: NOT the sound of the vocals but the vocal patterns.

Review by: NVE

Fukkign great and evil.
Cool vocals and clear production
drummer guy R.I.P. may your spirit live on

Review by: euronydead

this album is good, is a good begining for a band but the only problem is that the song are almost the same all, if you listen all the album you get boring is not variety of sounds in their songs, but the 2cds version is better for the live sound and demo sounds i gave toi this album an 8

Review by: blot

Intense and cold black metal from the european legends.Majestic guitar riffs and soul gripping keyboards make this one the most classic black metal albums ever.

Review by: Kenny R.

Well, I have been Enthroned fan for about 10 years, I have all their discography and must say that for me they are the best.

In this cd, as almost every one say is not very original, but very effective, the production is good, the voice sound is perfect (I love Sabathan's voice) is evil, grim and fits very good with me music. the guitar part is not as good as their followers albums but it's ok.This is a very good debut album.

Bests songs:Scared by Darkwinds, Deny the Holy Book of Lies, As the wolfes howl again.

Review by: kaze666

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