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I was pretty dissappointed with 'Morning Star', but I dug this much more. There are a couple of weaker tracks, but nothing like the half-time collapse of '..Star'. Cool lyrics as always. 'The Fix is In', 'Children of the Underworld', 'Young and Dead', 'Public Burning', all awesome, spooky, and filthily rockin'. I gotta ask 'em though, after two albums of perfect production at Das Boot studios with Nico Elgstrand (now their bass player), why would they go with a different producer, and end up with drums that sound all soft and messy (kinda like that yucky 'Ride the Lightning' drum sound)?! The guitars have a nice texture, but please guys, get back to Das Boot next time. Peter deserves the best! Another Entombed album to be proud of then.

Review by: Tom Satan

This album is grower. At first I was disappointed but after some rounds I think this is actually very good. Sound is very filthy but heavy and slower songs work better than fast ones in this record. Lyrics are suberb.

Review by: saheko

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