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Simply the best Even Song album ~ the other two cannot compare with this one.

Review by: ahlan

What ahlan said. Expanding on that, Evensong play a romantisized gothic metal similar to early Trail of Tears with a calmer, more subdued sound. The vocals are obviously TOT (er.. the first one) worship, with the girl doing her best to be Liv Kristen and the guy being all too gutteral when he growls (that's Raymond for those of you playing at home). In fact, this album is sort of like an expansion on TheaterOT's Seraphic Deviltry being less dramatic and just keeping the general sound. There's really only one toss track and that's the overtly speedless, "Lost Tales"-esque ballad Requiem For A Wingless Bird, in part from the horrible spoken words from the male vocalist. This shouldn't be a problem though if you like doom, so get this anyway

Review by: eipps

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