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am not gonna say any thing.. but if u call your self a doom listener.. u have to get this album no matter how much it is... i liked the old work 2 much, but this album is sooooooooooo depresive and doooomy... 10/10

Review by: opeth666

This album is pure doom masterpiece. It has lots of mellow calm parts but they serve excellently as a tension build-up tool. The music grabs you and there is no release 10/10

Review by: RvN

A very good album of doom/funeral doom. At the beginning it seems to be something else than a doom album, but as flowing in a wonderfoul hipnotic stream we subtly found us plunged in the arms of a profoundly pleasing depressive atmosphere, in the cold beauty of a universe of despair, infinite sadness, and melancholy.

Review by: silencioabsoluto

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