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Damn. These are good. Damn good. Simply -Best Ever-.

Review by: With Plague

Excellent Band! FOS has what it takes to make good music! almost anyone with an insturment and some money can record a CD now days... But FOS isn't just anyone, they have worked hard and they have done a great job! So this CD and every CD of theirs is a 100 out of 10!

Review by: lectus

I think that this Forest of Shadow is great they have got a style all there own and hope they keep up the good work
all of there songs are exceptionaly done.
my personal favorite is Of Sorrow Blue.
keep up the good work guys

Review by: koyoteboy76

This is one of, if not the best Doom Metal band I have ever heard. Incredibly emotional, passionate, DEPRESSED Doom. Simply amazing melodic Doom

Review by: beyond_freezing

This band is AWESOME !!!!! It's too bad that I can only purchase this mcd the past I always think My Dying Bride will top my doom metal list (still hail), but now I think Forest of Shadow can replace MDB.

The music of this album, very heavy and depressive, but still the arrangement of the music is nice...both flute and acoustic guitars were used. It didn't go to the way of Skepticism and Thergothon, those kinds of hellish funeral doom ... and for me the death feeling of this album is cool. I love the flute use for the first track "eternal autumn" gives me a very melancholy and exotic feeling. Besides that, the clean vocal gives me the gothic feeling as well !!

The sound of Forest of shadow is SO unique !!!
What an awesome album !!!! It's beyond 10 points !!!!
It surely kicks you a$$ !!!!

Review by: ahlan

It's quite a good album, very nice sound and vocals.
After a few demo's and promotinal records this is their first real cd.

I really like this songs and especially OF SORROW BLUE, but UNDER THE DYING SUN is their best one so far i think.
Their first full lenght album would appear in 2002, but i never heared about it.
I'll hope they will release a cd with all their songs on it.
Forrest Of Shadows are GREAT !!!
If i have to recomment all their songs i would say they are truly a good descent band.
especially the guitarwork is very good.
8/10 for all their songs (demo's, promo's and album)

Review by: Khold666IsGreat

Wow what a band. It's hard to find doom metal bands these days. This is my favourite doom metal band I have heard. It is slow and dark and doesn't give off a death metal appearence like some of the other ones do. The music is very distressing and if you read the lyrics they are very powerful too. i was lucky enough to find htis in hmv which is 1 of 2 stores it is sold at acording to their website. IF your a doom metal fan this is a must have.

Review by: satanschild

this band is rearly good and the album is totaly awsome although it's a little short..i believe their style is slow doom with keyboards,acustics and even violins..the sound is very good and the autmospher is pure melancholy this is a must have for any doomy soul

Review by: dyingforlove

Eternal Autumn was the best song I have ever heard.
and Forest of Shadows is the greates and the most strong band I have ever saw.

Thank you (Forest of Shadows) for making these songs.

Review by: Arntor ein windir

Eternal Autumn was the best song I have ever heard.
and Forest of Shadows is the greates and the most strong band I have ever saw.

Thank you (Forest of Shadows) for making these songs.

Review by: Arntor ein windir

iam from egypt , i've recently heard FOS,the way they sing and the whole style of the song attracted me,
the first song i heard is "wish" ,, i think it's an extremly beautiful song , the way the volcal says the lyrics is stunning , and the lyrics it self is incridble,this song really makes me feel flying.
all their other songs are wonderful too,

i have this song named "THWOU" they made it but i didn't find it in thier albums does any one have this song ?

Review by: causeitso

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