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well...i am fuckin surprised...i really really do...that is what we call a piece of musical art , it can be classified as doom metal at it`s best VERRRRRRY atmospheric VERRY pro playing melancholic...i heard them till now about 15 times and i really cant describe what i have felt...try them as u WILL never be down ....
11/10 !!!!!!!

Review by: Ancient

this is my second review for the same album? u know why? because i dont hear something Else!!!!
what a perfect melancholic doom metal...that is perfect perfect perfect.....................
11/10 !!!!!

Review by: Ancient

What a promising debut ! Very atmospheric and varied doom full of instrumental passages with a lot of keyboards. Specially the first part of the album ( songs 1 to 5 ) is brilliant. Imagine a more symphonic version of old Katatonia ( 'For funerals to come' times ) with the feeling of old school British doom or the incredible atmospheres of Sear Bliss music.
The expectatives for the second album are pretty high, let's hope that the fact of being a Russian band will not be a problem to continue enjoying these talented musicians. Great work guys.

Review by: danchloe

as good as agathodaimon's debut album,try it ,boy~

Review by: blitzwing

This is just perfect...
So perfect...
Too damn perfect...
One of the greatest album's I ever heard, great voice, great sound, great music, all hail Forest Stream.
Killer Songs: Legend, Last Season Purity, Black Swans, Winter Solstice

Rating: 10/10

Review by: Vampyric

This album is great. This is one of those unique albums you encounter which give you shivers, goosebumbs if you know what i mean... the relatively lower quality of the soundsamples of the synths give the extra touch of making this album a masterpiece (strange not?)... I am eager to hear Forest Stream's next opus... 10/10

Review by: aarsmund

Masterpeice... the only bad aspect of this album is the drum machine... besides that, this is one of the best doom albums EVER to come out

Review by: blood red bathory

what a hell!!!!! this is so fucken gooood! pure black/doom at its perfect! i am still listening to them for a month! them only! remember old Katatonia and much much more! Hailz Forest Stream!!

Review by: deathincantation

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