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This band has been called the most blatant Burzum clone ever. While I agree, I think that this band has an (INCREDIBLE) atmosphere that makes them stand out. The production on this CD is light and airy (thin), but the music is very emotional (gloomy and depressing). The vocals are in Varg's style, but are more controlled and don't enter the realm of ridiculous as Varg's do. Also, the vocals have an echo to them, which enhances the great atmosphere of this album. This CD, as well as their others, comes highly reccomended.

Review by: Svantevit

I wouldnīt call this black metal. Itīs more like pop-music with distorted guitars. Black metal is supposed to be primitive, but my grandmother is better with the guitar than this guy. The song "Grip of frost" and the vocals overall are OK, but otherwise itīs quite crappy.

Review by: xxdp

this is the best album of forgotten woods, the voices are very good ( yes is like burzum) but burzum`s screams are more powerfull but this band is very gloomy and i like very much the bass style.

Review by: galgar

This is really a very good album: you must have it! Atmospheres are very doomy, but with a sound tipically black-metal, like the scream and the guitars. Yes, this kind of stuff is inspired by Burzum, but is not the same, is more melodicalk than Burzum.

Review by: Robert72

this is a really great band after Burzum, great melodies and vocals

Review by: blot

Its harder than their next releases. Sound is muddy - Burzum like. Vocals are Burzum like too. To be honest i like it more then Burzum. I find it less brutal and less "I have a problem with my brain - help me" oriented. Its really cool.
As for me Dimension of the blackest dark is their best song ever. I think that guys from FW are not so grimm. Their musical skills are really low. But hey its not important. The melody of that song mensioned above is fucking

Review by: Mac

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