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This album is fantastic ! A true masterpiece.
Anyway ,I do not know why I hype this band so much since no other asshole than myself dared to vote or write a review !Go fuck yourseves and destroy your life for Satan !!
I do not recommend it to the majority of you all though.Too excellent for you to deserve it.


Review by: Maldoror

Fuckin fast and furious Black Metal from the frozen
depths of Quebécois speaking Canada...
some melodious bits too

Yes this is fokkin or DIE!
If you want it on mp3 format, email me:


Review by: m_amery

Blacker And Raw Album You Never Find!!
With Hysterical Drums And Satanic Voices, Frozen Shadows Will Desolate This Whole World!!

Toi race impure qui t'abreuve de tes délires
Drapé dans mon aura noire je méprise ta faiblesse
Moribonde et sectaire ta foi s'éteint!
Dans le tissu des ténèbres un nouvel empire se tisse!

Review by: Satans Skald

This has blown me into shreds... the most insane drumming I have ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This album is really BLACK, so fuck you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope to listen to "Hantises" very soon!!!
Support from Germany here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by: profanatitas

Outstanding. It is not easy today to find something like that, black metal in the best style. Sounds perfect, the keybord does not interfere with the whole idea. 10/10

Review by: Jack the Nipper

nothing is change, awesome style, perfect 2 full length

Review by: blot

Hm, fast, very fast, especially druming is inhuman.
But it tend to be boring after a moment.
I cant listening it for a longer time...
So called true or pure black metallers will probably
like it.
I expecting from music more then superfast playing.
No bad, no excellent. 84% avantgardx

Review by: avantgardx

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