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A CD full of hate! But I think that "Dans Les Bras Des Immortels" was better. Not so much keyboards on this album if you copare it with Dans Les Bras... And thats bad! And now with their new very talent drummer Melkor, the music speeds up one level further to when the drumsticks starts to burn!
Hantises gets a 10/10.

Review by: Satans Skald

Good, but not as good as the previous album. I have got some objections to vocals, there is something annoying in it.
Frozen Shadows try to play an ols-school black-metal, but seems they are better playing it in a little more melodic way.

Review by: Jack the Nipper

this album is slower than Dans les Bras des immortels, but it's not the worst, this band doesn't have a bad album.

Review by: blot

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