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Well, here we are! This band is not known to many people but here in Finland (from where this band comes from) me and my friends are ardent followers of this band. (It's a pity that they decided to split up coupla years ago...)

Anyways, this album is like a combination of old and modern black metal: good sound quality, keyboards that suit perfectly into the music, ultra-satanic lyrics and what I said before, not everyone knows this band but THIS CD FUKKIN' RULES! If there are still copies available, GO AN BUY IT! BUY OR DIE!

Rating: 10 / 10

Review by: metal4ever

This album is pretty much a peach of an album. If you want to know what some of the members of Swallow the Sun (vocalist (Troment), basist(Hogath) and keyboardist(Ruho))were doing before that then this would be one of the first albums that you've got to here. It's the same vocalist as STS (Mikko) but here he's only 16 (i think, and i'm pretty sure as he started the band when he was 13/14) and you can already here how good his vocals are.

I normall don't get into the Anti-Christian BM as i find it tiresome and most of the time pretty pointless and sometimes just plane old funny, but this band is definately one of the few exceptions another one would be Watain but that's for another review.

Yes it is extremely Anti-Christian stuff but on the other hand the rifts, drums and the vocals relly make up for this. And hey you will find yourself pretty soon enough bobbin and singin along as a good few of the tacks are really catchy (seriously).

If you can get your hands on this it is really worth your while.

Here's fact for you they toured with Zyklon when they played here (here as in Finland). This happened about a year before they broke up and became Atakhama.

Review by: berzerk

what`s up!!!!.... one of the most brutal albums of cahotic rage black metal!!!!. excellent drums... excelent black fury atmposphere... this is a fucking great album!!!!

Review by: northvisions

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