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I think this is the best God Dethroned album up till now. It's great deathmetal mixed with blackmetal and thrash/trash. I think this is how it should be mixes, the band have really high technical skills in all genres. Really, all the songs on this album are amazingly good. I think the highlight of the album are: "Boiling Blood" and "Soul Capture 1562"... And also again the lyrics are just great, historical subjects with a light satanic influence. Also the 'I Hate You' subject in for example "Boiling Blood" is cool to read... Try this one first if you like to know God Dethroned!!!

Review by: Flix

God Dethroned's best album even though its a bit generic. I tired of it rather quickly but it does provide a good listen. My suggestion if you like this sort of bm then go buy old mans child becuase they do the same thing but better...

Review by: FenrirsWrath

Old Man's Child has nothing to do with God Dethroned...
Old Man's Child is Black Metal, God Dethroned is Death Metal..
Just to let you know guys...the bands are different in everything...
Don't replace God Dethorned for Old Man's Child neither Old Man's Child for God it is said on the previous review...they've nothing to do in musical terms...
Though both good..!:)

Review by: Vampyric

Holy Satan, good guys, and very good band.
Seen them live on stage in Tampa FL, after that both everything else from them.

Review by: PHOBOS

Killer CD by God Dethroned. I think Bloody Blasphemy is my favorite God Dethroned.Great Song Writing,Lyrics,Musicianship.Pick up this CD and The Christhunt and Lair Of The White Worm for sure. Lastly who compared Old Mans Child to God Dethroned is a clueless loser. Old Mans Child is a trendy Symphonic Wannabe Black Metal band like(Cradle,Dimmu,Emperor)and God Dethroned is Death Metal which destroys anything Old Mans Child does.

Review by: MetalHorde666

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