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God dethroneds new album sucks big time. Only or 4 songs are cool. The rest is politically invluenced and even a song is about how great pigs are and that they shouldnt be sloughtered. (slaughtering the masses).
7 of 10

Review by: euronydead

God Dethroned cover hardcore material,such as vegan content,just take for instance Slaughtering The Faithful,a song about cows being slaughtered and an anti-meat theme,plus lame CD. God Dethroned's only decent CD was Grand Grimoire which wasn't a keeper anyway

Review by: METALKING666

I really really like this one. Guess it became a little boring to most of the people, but this album keeps feeding my desires.There are great songs in the album, great passages, great performance. The lyrics are a little bit uncommon, that's what makes them special, most of the bands only write about shitty satanism, seems like they're always stoned. I confess that I'm getting alergic in reading 5 times the word satan in one sentence. I'm getting really fucked up with that... too many show off...
Anyways, we're talking about this album's lyrics afterall. I think they perfectly fit God Dethroned's music, talking about society's problems, death and other shit alike.
Recommended 9/10

Review by: vampyric

This is a very weak CD from a great Death Metal band. Very slow and forgetable and the lyrics are hard to take serious. With that said MetalKing so you call yourself I disagree there are many God Dethroned CD's worth owning(The Christhunt,Bloody Blasphemy,Lair Of The White Worm)and you don't have a clue when you saying none are worthy of owning.

Review by: MetalHorde666

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