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This album is a little bit special to me. I can say that this was the first death metal album I heard. And since then I like it really much, all the great tunes in The Glorious Death or From Ignorance To Oblivion and in other songs as well.
This album took me to death metal and that's why I have to say thanx to OLD Gorefest for releasing this one.


Review by: zorg

This is one of my favorite albums by Gorefest! The first song got a briliant guitar-solo... It really is amazing how good this band sound here, its much better than their first album. I really love this one! Real death-metal!

Review by: flix

Yeah I agree..hell of an album, I share that same special bond with it you do. But as an extra its lyrics depressed the fuck out of me, kinda influenced me a bit more than was healthy..

Review by: Hw-90

an another great album in real death metal history.

Review by: Beyto

Nica album,in my opinion better than MINDLOSS more evil,more brutal,more melodic,more guitar solos-but also this is the last really good GOREFEST - it is sad to watch how one legend dies...

Review by: iudicium

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