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The great return of sleeping evil... bloody fucking necro hell... 10/10

Review by: Troll 1147

I just got this album and have been listening to it (As I am right now) and I have to say that I believe it is way better than Twilight (which I thought kicked ass) And King is again the major song writer on this album, or in fact the sole music composer. Hellishly brutal and ass kicking, each Gorgoroth album breaks new ground.

Review by: fosvart

At last!
Normally so fucking boring Gorgoroth finally delievers something great.
This album feels like standing in a storm of poisoned nails with a mouth wide open while a giant smashes you with a bloody axe at the same time. After while you are truly dead and floating over desolate infected lands tormented by war and death.
Great feelings.....

Review by: winterspell

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