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Although short, this is probably my fave from the band, really good songs played very well.
Check out track "Gorgoroth", dirty brilliance at its best.

Review by: Vanguard

i agree with Vanguard
for sure it's the best album of Gorgoroth (of black metal ???? hum.... why not?)
Very depressive and powerful
Hail!!! black metal Is krig

Review by: demonalastor

The best raw black metal that you can ever hear is this....
in the albun cover u see " true norwegian black metal"
that say it all.....

its cold, dark .......perfect

Review by: Sad Spirit

this is the second best Gorgoroth album i think.
again HAT and INFERNUS has made a true master album, witch every BLACK METAL fan must have in the colection.

Bergtrollets Hevn and Heavens Fall are my two favorites of the album, but i really like the intro to.
En Stram Lukt Av Kristet Blod really great.

''The Sin Of Satan Is The Sign Of Gorgoroth''

Review by: peter6_66

Ahaha, that's it... That's one of the black metal best albums... It is so melodic but agressive, it is so nice but dark. It is masterpiece in one word. Nothing to add. If you like black metal- you have got it, if you are going to like it- you are buying it, if you do not like black then f......!

Review by: jarek

very dark and atmospheric black metal.. melodic but still brutal..
I think "Antichrist" and "Pentagram" is two of the best bm albums ever..

Review by: kukkost

I prefer this album to Pentagram... Hat's voice is much better, in my opinion...this is pure madness... and raw black metal... a must buy for any black metal fan...

Review by: Vampyric

Well, I was wrong..this is an excellent album, but Pentagram is better....

Review by: vampyric

Good stuff. Buy it. This is great Black Metal done in a very evil way. Infurnus is a great songwriter. Nothing wrong with this album.8.5/10

Review by: wintersheart

Fantastic album, a true classic. Just listen to bergtrollets hevn, gorgoroth and sorg. Thats true black metal with lots of emotion.
A shame that this only lasts for 25 minutes. But I would say this is one of the best black metal albums, but pentagram is great too

Review by: manndaudsvinter

This is very good indeed, but not as good as "Pentagram".
It's a classic though, and it's well worth the money.
After this, expect nothing but crap from Gorgoroth.

Review by: Hardboiled

when you can put on a records tracks like gorgoroth and possessed it's right to gain eternal respect and dark fame forever. undervaluating this band is a sad thing, since shit as cradleoffilth-like invades the market.

Review by: o

This is the best album of gorgoroth ever made!
True black metal! Check out the song Gorgoroth!-the best song ever! Everyone: Buy this album!!! Hail True Fucking Black Metal!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by: mayhem91

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