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this album isnt very good, compared to fuckin gorgoroth!!!!
it is wierd and psychidelic, but it is not black metal!! for those of you who like to get a headache, buy it. but for gorgoroth fans, skip it!!!

Review by: theexorcist

another classic from GORGOROTH
full of the black metal feeling and cold winds, the sound is pure evilness, raw , true, depressive .....the way black metal sould be!

Review by: Sad Spirit

This album isn't black metal. It's noise metal, very noisy and non-musically. It's the worst GORGOROTH's album. As one of you said it makes me headache.

Review by: jarek

This album is boring. There's absolutely nothing memorable about it. There's not one decent track found within. If you buy it, then it will be the "Destroyer" of your patience.

Review by: Embalm The Soul

this is the best Gorgoroth album in my oppinion, the true fucking black metal, the sound is ugly as hell, vocals are great, music is amazing, the atmosphere is brilliant, for all old school black metal brothers

Review by: Escalation 666

alsought it's very strange how the damn commercial label Nuclear blast, released so brilliant black metal album, they usualy turn black metal legends into commercial crap

Review by: Escalation 666

Everyone who reviewed this album is an idiot and doesnt know how to critique music. If you actually listened to GORGOROTH, you would know that DESTROYER... had many different people writing and playing the music, tracks 1-3 sound almost completly different from the rest of the album, andall together i think 8 people worked in the band at the time, i dont know any exact details though. DESTROYER is probably the most unique GORGOROTH album out there, and if your a fan of the band, I say get it. Whoever sayed "skip it" in their review should be burned alive.

Review by: aborted_deegs

HA!!! This is the best album of Gorgoroth to date (8/2/04)! When I listened to it for the first time, I wasn't sure, but during the time after....yeah!! That's pure hate and evil and chaos transformed to music. I realy love it!

Review by: Racik

Great album.. Real Unholy Norwagian Black Metal Classic..GORGOROTH always are Killer!

Review by: Beyto

This album is hard to get used to...I would pass on it for other Gorgoroth albums. Oh yeah Racik, your an idiot cause as i am writing this, it is June (7) 16th, 04. Wow, and you also dont have good ears as well!

Review by: fosvart

This album is ugly as fuck, and after hearing this it made me even more proud that Gorgoroth, when they can make killer albums that could easily catch mainstream attention, come out with a just as good album, that is not friendly at all in any terms, to push the mainstream bullshit wave back any further. Gorgoroth have never defied thier roots, and this album features alot of members, I would say this is the masterpeice of Gorgoroth, and a transition. Hail Gorgoroth! Hail Destroyer, the most brutal album ever! I recommend

Review by: fosvart

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