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hum...... i think i could be a good album but some things make him too "conventionnal"
i'm sad of it
i hope they will correct there mistakes for the next

hail !!!!!

(hum... sorry i'm not a master in the english)

Review by: demonalastor

I like only 5 tracks on 8. It's good but I dislike An exert of X and Will to power because it's to repetitive.BUT THE OTHER ARE REALY GREAT!!!!

Review by: BELZEBUL

This album is much better than Destroyer. It's very good black metal , but it's a little bit modern and that's why it isn't as good as "the good, old GORGOROTH".

Review by: jarek

Great album in my view.
What i really sorry about that its kinda short - it could use about 2 or 3 tracks.
I just hope that these guys are going to produce another album soon becose they are simply awsome.


Review by: Raven Messiah

Man this album is badass, epic, truly great. Some of the guitar work reminds me of work off of "Pentagram." WHEN LOVE RAGES WILD IN MY HEART!

Review by: fosvart

earlier works are much better here is two much of heavy metal influence.but song 2 is very good

Review by: slayerr

This album is plain bad. Is a bad album for any band, but coming from someone who is able to do much much better, it is worse. Looks like is not an album, just a bunch of songs and cuasi-songs put together, there is no rhythm and there is no flow. Of course it has its few moments, but is no worth at all.

Review by: nefando latebroso

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