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this album is very good, but it has the disadvantege of being too fucking short, but that is not the bands fault!! the best gorgoroth album, although i havent heard antikrist yet...

Review by: theexorcist

This is some fucking great raw black metal, Really good stuff, get it.

Review by: Vanguard

Another fucking classic Gorgoroth record, these guys are fucking amazing at what they do.

Review by: Vanguard

Another classic...
Raw, fast, furious and mad!
Black metal quintessence!

Review by: mik

Pentagram, a real master album, it i my favorite of Gorgoroths Album.
Under The Pagan Megalith is the best song of The album ofcourse.
Hats vocals on the album is really great
HAT & INFERNUS is the ''True Gorgoroth''

Review by: Peter6_66

It is first of GORGOTH's album. As a debut it is wonderful (hmmm...hateful??). It is the essence of black metal. Eight songs. Each song defines this kind of grim metal. You hear it at noon you feel like at midnight, you hear it at midnught you feel like at funeral!!!

Review by: jarek

Agrrrhhrr......The best GORGOROTH's album considering all songs. Every track defines great true unholy norvegian black metal. It does not content any influences of fucking shity death metal, this album doesn't sucks death metal in any second! It is PURE BLACK. Every second of it is one of the most pleasant things on this grim planet.

Get it for every cost!

Review by: jarek

This album is just TRUE GORGOROTH!
Hat's vocals are more possessed than ever, probably the best debut album in the history of black metal.
The worst thing about the album is that it is too short.
I can't get enough of it though...
This is cool sounding black metal fckn cold and grim.

Review by: Hardboiled

very fast and brutal.. hatīs vocals are the most raging and insane ever, and the album is just fuckin extreme..

Review by: kukkost

fuck, when listening to this album i feel like tearing things apart, i feel pure bloodlust and hate within me, and it feels GREAT!

this album contains the true essence of black metal, too bad gorgoroth got fucked up after this album...

Review by: DarkEmpire

I'm in loss for words, soI'll resume this shit in one word: BRILLIANT!!!!!!!
Killer Songs: (Under) The Pagan Megalith and Maaneskyggens Slave

Review by: Vampyric

Gorgoroth are supreme.
This ablum is pure fucking brutal with awsome vocals.


Its highy recommended for all the blackers out there.

Review by: Raven Messiah

wow! unholy fucking shit! i just bought this album and listened to the whole thing, it's the best black metal album ever!!!!!!! gorgoroth heilz! a must fucking get! and the vocals! has anyone heard anything like them before? so fucking evil!!!!!!!!!!! crushing the scepter! under the pagan megalith! maanesyggens slave! this album is fucking killler!!!! 110/100 no! i give it a fucking 666 out 100!

Review by: fosvart

This is pure black metal! Maaneskuggens Slave, Begravelsesnatt, Ritual... I guess the best Gorgoroth album.
They are gods! And this album is better than sex!


Review by: Krigkrist

This is a truly grim album indeed!!!!!!

The guitars are very kindof tinny no bass sounding but good!!!! :P

The Drums are sometimes a little boring though and the bass is hardly heard so thats ok by my standards.

Best song here is "Crushing the Scepter" which just has the most grim riffs in it ever.

Review by: Amdusias

Very solid, evil album. Many good riffs and Mr. Hat's insane vocals. However, a little too insane at times as he squeaks and sounds like a duck on occasion(check out the end scream of Ritual). However the vocals are very fitting to the music, and there are some great tracks here, but Antichrist is so much better as Hat doesn't do his really nice clean singing here (like on Antichrist). Nevertheless, definately well worth the purchase.

Review by: Revelations

Hail all black metal fans!!!

This is a fantastic album!

I think this is ote best album of Gorgoroth!!

The songs are so fucking good, and the sound are also good!

Buy this album if you can!!!!!!


Review by: prince of darkness

This is the best fucking Black Metal album I have ever heard! It's actually better than anythin Darkthrone, Burzum or Emperor have ever done. Cold, grim, aggressive and damn intense Black Metal!

Review by: the_patriarch

Pagan Megalith, Huldrelokk and Maneskyggens Slave. Oh my dear god. Thay are so sweat... In Top 10 of Norwegian True BM. Get this.

Review by: Mac

its givin me ahigh mood

Review by: josh

A very good album, but all songs on this alb. are written on the same fucking way if you andurstand what i am saying.. Gorgoroth has better albums than this one..

Review by: diabolis_methodeia

Droemmer om dod.its best gorgoroth song.HAT!

Review by: Beyto

This is a totally fucking evil and dark BLACK METAL album,also quite melancholic but very grim!!!!

Review by: Apoc-Topsy

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