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Ugly...Abrasive..Hateful..Evil..Mighty. The grey and white cover says it all. I think I'am going color blind every time i Listen to it! True norwegian fuckin black metal!

Review by: Lord Valor

An overall great album. Every song is awesome especially Funeral Procession. I am sort of sad however, there are no lyrics for this album or many of the others. Maybe due to it being extremely hard to understand or perhaps Gorgoroth wants its lyrics to remain a mystery. Either way, a great album. If you like Burzum you will love Gorgoroth!

Review by: KamiKazeKrieg

wonderful, grim and shitty...gorgoroth were unique....listen to the vox on "blood stains the circle"!!!

Review by: magus_caligula

Good cd coming from Gorgoroth... With one of my fav. black metal songs " Funeral Procession " this was a decent way to invest my money...

Review by: blood red bathory

This album is one of my best favorite albums. hehe...My English is so bad ,but all of you can understand,ok?
The voice and drum likes come from HELL!!!

Review by: hulala

Simply the best "trve Black Metal" release. Don't get me wrong there are other great Black Metal releases but from all the old-school releases it has to be the best. I like old Immortal, Darkthrone and alot of others but none of them (or just a few) managed to release an album where absolutely every song is a killer... so you won't be able to find any favorite song of this album, because everyone f*cking track is a killer. Ok, this is not my absolute favorite Black Metal release, because there are some which I like more (especially Paysage D'Hiver, Lunar Aurora, Darkspace...) but in terms of classic true Black Metal this one is the best in my point of view.

Review by: 6gh6st6

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