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The one word I would use to describe Graveland's "The Celtic Winter" is 'skeletal.' Why? The music and production are raw to the bone and an unsettling feeling of death and decay tends to penetrate the room whenever I listen to this album. That being said, it is a wonderfully grim tribute to everything I love about this style of music. The songs on this album (Graveland's fourth full-length, not counting various demos and EPs) are driven by a bizarre ambient distortion effect as well as subtle drumbeats reminiscent of both marches and waltzes (courtesy of Capricornous). A sparsely-used organ adds to the aforementioned skeletal sound of this album, providing an interesting contrast between it, the droning guitar track, and the distinct shriek of Rob Darken. Whenever I hear all three of them at the same time, I feel as if I am standing in the warm glow of a burning Polish church. The album is, believe it or not, surprisingly melodic. You just have to know where to look for the melody. Overall, the sound presented on "The Celtic Winter" is not unlike something that either Judas Iscariot or Burzum would produce. This album is probably a good introduction for first-time Graveland listeners but is still highly recommended for seasoned veterans.

Review by: MikhailNKonstantinov

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