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This is gravelands best album! This is nice and pretty slow and epic viking metal. Sound little as summoning crossed with bathory. But its still very original and has 100% graveland sound. Very nice and bomastic. This is a must by for everyone! Fantastic! 10/10

Review by: tompa88

Another impressive masterpiece from the brothers grim.
This is more epic, very bathory esque feel and it is superb, ahh words fail me...get it!

Review by: Vanguard

Gravelandīs great Masterpiece! Rob Darken shows in this Cd, that Vintersorg isnīt a genious. DARKEN is a genious. Great melodies, in very long songs. A travel to ancient and heathen times, mixed with that kind of Heathen Metal, that only Gravelands can execute. A masterpiece for all!

Review by: Infernal Warhate

rob darken made a epic and legendery world in this ablum,it took me back to an ancient world which is full of war,witchcraft,warriors&tales!all most each song in this ablum is long and melodic,you seem to have a journey or see a movie and your mind is flying to nowhere,that is the magic of the music

Review by: nightmare heaven

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