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Well, this time green carnation comes with a more progressive album and shorter songs too. I listened it and in overall is a good work, with good clean vocals, rock and jazz passages. Highlights to Lullaby in Winter and As Life Flows By. It's a great album like the other two last, but I still prefer light of day, day of darkness, the best in my opinion...If you don't know GC, so get a fuckin' experience with the first and the second albums.

Review by: Morcrof

*Sigh* I had such high hopes for this album after 'Light Of Day'. Kind of Power-Metaly, not quite so 'Gothy', unfortunatly not as enthralling as the previous album. Where have all the hooks gone? I was expecting an album that would challenge the scope of 'Light Of Day', this ain't it.

Review by: AnotherTrey

There is no way in hell Green Carnation could out do "light of day"!But yet I was expecting a strong follow-up. " A Blessing in Disguise" is not a bad release there is some high quality toons on here. I.E. "writings on the wall", "the boy in the attic", and "rain"; however there is not enough of those awesome soundscapes that have been apparent on GC's previously releases. 6.5-7.0/10. Forrest..

Review by: Forrest

This is the first album i have heard from Green Carnation, i was told that they were like Agalloch (The reasoning behind buying the album)i was slightly dissapointed when listening to it as they dont really sound anything like Agalloch, bar the minor guitar riff.
I do like the album though, as it does have its own good quality's, it didnt cost me too much so im happy enough.
After reading the reviews for their earlier albums, i will definatly check them out. I look forward to hearing more from G/C

Review by: Huntsekker

This album was a great disappointment for me. I expected something that will be comparable to „Journey to the End of the Night“ and „Light of Day, Day of Darkness“, but unfortunately it is not. It’s still a very good album. The songs are shorter and more simple now, but still nice and interesting. Some of them are really great (Rain, Lullaby in Winter). However I have higher expectations from Green Carnation.

Review by: skurut

On this record GC sounds like a failing wannabe pop band. Lullaby in winter is halfway decent, 2 seconds in life has a nice progression, but it is definitely not worth to buy, an not worthy compared to their previous releases.

Review by: zwarte krijser

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