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This is more aimed at those who like their extreme Metal a bit more grown-up and sophisticated, melodic and atmospheric, well executed and produced, yet with some bite, provided here by the promient stringed department and the forceful drums.
I think this is one of the best albums this year. In the vein of Pink Floyd and In the or die

Review by: m_amery

no doubt this is one of the best albums this year!!!

Review by: midvinter2

Awesome album like Agalloch, In the Woods..., Opeth-ish. The one long track can get a bit anoying when you want to skip to a part in the middle but no biggie. Again this is a album for what I like to call the "Diverse Metal Fan". You know who you are and if you don't have this album get it now!

Review by: Wintermist

what an epic track...1 track =60 minutes and u know what? there r members of in the woods and they know what they doing very well...1 hour passed on me like i was in a coma of atmosphere....
profiessional metal to the maximum in the composition with nice keyboards her and there but i will give it 9/10 because of the part the female vocale made a solo with her crashed me from the atmosphere..

Review by: Ancient

Did you ever listen to an album and think to yourself,"This is what I've been waiting for for years!" For me this is one of those albums. It's nothing short of a masterpiece (well, maybe with the exception of the screeching female free-form jazz vocal...), but genius non the less! Like the bastard/beautiful child of Opeth and Pink Floyd.

Review by: AnotherTrey

After their amazing debut album Green Carnation comes with another masterpiece. This band simply rules, one song but what a song, full of great melodies that never get you bored. Well, probably the middle part with the female vocals and the cello is a bit boring, but after that the song go on nicely.
This album is talented, original, beautiful, inspired, the cover is great... Tchort, this is way better that Blood Red Throne !

Review by: danchloe

These guys are right. This is a great epic track of sophisticated metal. It has several mellow parts, but what appeals to me more are the edgier heavy parts. Also, the clean vocals are pulled off very well for this, not sounding cliche or bland in any areas.

The only parts that gripe me are the childrens' laughter and voices in the beginning (not that annoying, but just a bit) and especially the female vocal and saxaphone duet monstrosity of music that takes place inbetween 33 and 38 minutes or so. It's far too large of a gap and is too odd of a part in the first place to fit into this song. I think I'm going to actually edit that part out of the track so that when I listen to this album I don't have to skip through it everytime and ruin the mood. Like a user said up above, it does crash you from the atmosphere... hard. Besides that part, it's worth YOUR LIFE otherwise.

Review by: PillarsOfDrear

As time passes, the seas will age and the leaves will turn. Loved ones will die and babies will be born. In that time, Green Carnations '" light of day day of darkness " will most likely become a true EPIC MASTERPIECE! Tchorts musical vision gives us a lesson in life. Deep heartfelt lyrics, over 128 musical samples, and amazing performances by all creates this legend. Music styles range from Black metal to Jazz.Treat yourself to this cd,and learn the secret. Forrest.10/10

Review by: Forrest

What a majestic musical epos!
It’s very atmospheric album. Sometimes melancholic and sombre, sometimes serene and dreamy, sometimes heavy and powerful, always excellent. A great variety of instruments and vocals is used – beside classic guitars, drums and bass there are keyboards, strings, sitar, saxophone…; mostly clean male vocals, but also some harsh male and clean female vocals are present. And of course children and opera choir. All in perfect unity. I even like that part with saxophone and Synne Soprana playing with her voice. I think it fits in the song well, although it could be shorter. You can listen to it 100x and you will always find something new, you haven’t noticed before. But mere words can’t express this fantastic music. Go and listen to it! Then you will understand.

Review by: skurut

SUCH A GOOD ALBUM. Green Carnation steps up and delivers HUGE when they create a one hour MASTERPIECE. Basically to sum it up, one of the best hooks ever heard is at about 21 minutes in, FUCKING INCREDIBLE!!!! ROCK ON!!!!

Review by: MetallicOpeth

I have listened to hundreds of albums, ranging from anal cunt to Michael Jackson, and I have to say that this album is definitely one of top 10 best albums ever made. One of kind albums always blows you away with the very first listen, and that was what exactly happened when I first listened just about 3 minutes worth of 1 hour long album.

My first expectation before listening was it will be good, since any artist would be foolish to do put out an hour long album with just one track unless he was extremely confident with it. If you don't like the first track, well, that's it. Another was expect some boring spots here and there just to carry on the music to promised land of 60th minute mark. And I found out that both of expection was completely wrong.

What's truly amazing about this album is that it never gets boring, no matter how many times you listen because it's so long and it has so much variety throughout the album. When I think that I've listen to maybe about 5 minutes worth, I'm actually into 20 minute mark of music! Everything is so perfectly laid out, with a perfect harmony of harsh and beautiful sound and haunting vocals and a long instrumental part, it's truly a materpiece of epic proportion.

However, insertion of what sounds like an annoying, crazed woman going hyserical at the middle of track keeps this album from being the one of the all-time best. If you truly want to enjoy this album, edit out that part, and be free of mad woman.

Review by: tongchill

Often compared to a metal version of Pink Floyd (sorry, wouldn't know as I've never been into floyd), this is certainly a lengthy piece of work with one track taking up the whole 60 minute length of the album.

There are many good points to this approach - the music has ample time to develop and grow, and transitions between moods are never rushed. Mood is very much the key word here - masses of atmosphere is generated, and as a solo project it is testament to the skills of the single composer that the whole album is so damn listenable.

I would compare this a little to the mellower music of Opeth, with slightly more prog-rock overtones, and I'm assured by friends that In The Woods is another good benchmark.

The only snag with this CD, as noted by other reviewers here, is that if you're in the mood for certain passages it is a pain to fast forward to them, as there are no breaks in the music at all, hence the CD recognises only 1 track. I rarely have time to sit through the whole thing in one sitting , so the album has become a bit of a neglected part of my collection.

Overall though, well worth a look for intelligent and mood-setting music.

Review by: dai

Sometimes you ask yourself: how is it possible that music can take you away into a dream. Green carnation does it and delivers one of the best albums ever! If you like In the woods, Agalloch, Anathema or Opeth make sure you try this one!

Review by: aegirson

A fusion of Pink Floyd and latter period Opeth. My fav album since End of Green's infinity. Very, very good.

Review by: Darkfukker

This is a great album, it's pretty much a journey. I generally prefer black metal so I thought: if this gets such a high score from all the reviewers then it's gotta be good. I tried it. I got completely engulfed by music, by a sonic adventure of a kind I never experienced before. It has everything: climate, pace, technique, heaviness, melody, production... Just a great metal album, no matter the criteria of judgement. Like I mentioned earlier, listening to this reminds me of a journey, of travelling somewhere. Perhaps this is a typical element of albums that consist of a one continuous song. It is ever changing and thus seems like it takes you elsewhere every few minutes and yet keeps on going. The journey though, is absolutely exquisite.

Review by: Blasph

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