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After the shock of the previous album ‘A blessing…’ it is a blessing that the band got a little bit of their great song writing back. Don’t expect anything like the great masterpieces of the first two, but a nice hardrock album. The sound is a harder then ‘A blessing..’ but also this album is more catchy, rock and roll and brought to the listener with more conviction. The days of 'light of day..' are over, but this isn't a complete waste. 80/100

Review by: Aegirson

I must agree with Aegirson. A much better effort than blessing in disguise. "QO" has some really awesome keyboard moments, almost along the lines of the first two masterpieces. Green Carnation is a real quality band. And offer us a quality progressive metal release. 8/10

Review by: rack

The decline of Green Carnation continues. While the quality of their previous album (Blessing in Disguise) was far away from that of "Light of Day, Day of Darkness" and "Journey to the End of the Night", but it was still a good album, "The Quiet Offspring" is just a little more than average. It continues the line started by "Blessing". Its heavier than "Blessing", but the songs are again rather simple and short. The melodies are straightforward and catchy. You won’t find here the fantastic and complex tunes of their first two albums. The sad, melancholic atmosphere is gone as well.

Review by: skurut

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