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so cold...
so evil and dark...
in the snow...
feel the spirit...
Glory to The Forces of Nature and The Everlasting Winter

...IMO it's the best Immortal's album although it's not as fast and extreme as the old ones

Review by: Mik

For me this is the best album beside Pure Holocaust. This is one really rules. Its briliantly produced (Tätgren) and played. This CD gives me the true feeling of what Winter is, a song like 'At The Heart Of Winter' take you deep into the real Norwegian winterfeelings. This album also contains my favorite Immortal-song of all time: Solarfall. I can't explain why, it jus crabes me!
Again: Buy Or Die!

Review by: flix

well what can I say about this albun tha wasn't all ready said by you who wrote the reviews?
well is to my favorite immortal ablum my favorit song is at the heart of the winter it realy gives the feeling of I true nothern can almost fell a cold brise in your face.......

Review by: Sad Spirit

It doesn't sound like their past release that's for sure, because ATHOW is more like a cold and dark piece of black metal. You're right, it is not this true Norwegian black metal we were used to with Pure Holocaust and Battle in the north, but still, this is one hell of a good record! For me it is simply an amazing metal album filled with icy and aggressive riffing all along. Immortal rules.

Review by: arckangell

The best album out of Immortal's 'modern-era', which makes them slightly more melodic, a lot more progressive, much better production (actualy GOOD one), and longer more complex songs.
Atmosphere was always a main key in Immortal's music, and thankfully this album is loaded with it, in a different and yet awsome way.
Also, though so much progress has been made, still each song is great by it's own and good old Immortal sound is fully here - though the songs are less heavy.
bottom line, incredible.

Review by: forgotten

Yeah, that's more like it. Immortal is back with their greatest and most dark and cold mood since Pure Holocaust. AT THE HEART OF WINTER is a blast and I fucking love it... Screw DAMNED IN BLACK and SONS OF NORTHERN DARKNESS, this is the latest Immortal album which is worth full price!

9 out of 10

Review by: Demonheart

Many people talk crap about this album, but actually I think it's good. First of all it has a fabulous mix of brutallity, coldness, darkness and wildness. Ít's not an Immortal-sound you are familiar with, but it doesn't matter, because this one has a very special touch.

8 out of 10

Review by: Demonheart

In my opinion itīs the best Immortal album ever... well itīs not as fast as the other, but this damn cold melodic is really great. The titel-track "at the heart of winter" is one of the best cold-black-metal-songs ever. If you listen to this album, you feel cold and full of hate.

This is one of the must-have albumīs in BM-Genre.

Review by: Berthold

At The Heart Of Winter is a very chilling recovery for Immortal after the unfortunate departure of the mighty Demonaz from guitar. The production is very, very clear and Horgh's drumming is well showcased.
The songs are more melodic and deliberate rather than the brutal chaos Demonaz brought to Immortal's earlier works. For a being a bass player, Abbath forged a very chilling style on guitar and it more than suffices.
I'd say the first three songs and the title track are quite brilliantly arctic metal, and the length of the songs only makes the album in my opinion fucking epic!
This is a necessary Immortal album for one to own.

Review by: moonwraith

O man, actually I don't want to say too much about this album, as all has been said a thousand times before. Buy it, like it and admit that Tragedies Blows At Horizon" simply contains one of the best riffs ever written! Period.

Review by: the_patriarch

Music from the bottom of the heart...
It was the secont black metal cd I've ever heard...
And I still like such music...
Very monumental and powerful songd.
Check out "At the Heart of Winter" and "Where Light And Dark Don't Differ" - I think they're the best.
This cd is a bit differet from previous immortal albums.
Abbath show that he can also build more difficult(?... sorry :P) compositions.
Not only for black metal fans!!!

Review by: Pojar

itīs the best Immortal album i think.And withstand the fall of time is the best song of immortal .....

Review by: unholy saint

this is their best fuckin album abboth has a great voice, and he fuckin rules at guitar. he is great i dont care what anybody thinks, so go to hell if u disagree with me cause he fuckin rules.

Review by: moonshadow

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