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a good album. not their best but still good. the songs are to mouch alike and i dont like the production.

Review by: enthroned

You can hear that the this is the link-CD between the old 'Raw True Norwegian Black Metal' that they are used to play and the more 'modern' blackmetal they play at this moment. I think this is a real good CD, better than most of the people say. A song like 'Mountains Of Might' really kick ass. You also can hear the amazing new drummer Horgh, that guy is really astonishing!! Not that Abbath was a bad drummer, because Abbath is GOD!!

Review by: Flix

If this album had a better production I would like it more then I do now... The songs are great but the production is just so damn bad.

Review by: nve

Not fucking bad. Almost everyone beats this album into the ground, saying it's very crappy and not well done, etc. I think it's furious as fucking hell and it drips with that cold atmosphere Immortal is so well known for. This is the last album with the godly Demonaz, and I mourn the loss of his more agressive riffs (Abbath's are great, but they sound too Heavy Metal sometimes and he tends to get palm-mute-happy, if you know what I mean) after hearing the chaos of this recording. The riffs sound rather Morbid Angel inspired this time around, though they seem to thunder along and destroy with a furious atmosphere which is not heard in that band. The new drummer Horgh is quite a behemoth behind his kit, although the poor mixing of this album makes that a little difficult to hear sometimes.

My only gripes about Blizzard Beasts is the sometimes silly sounding riffs (especially in Noctambulant) that sound like crappy third wave Death Metal and the incredibly pathetic drum sound - they sound extremely "compressed" and are so low in the mix sometimes that the guitars drown them out, not to mention that the bass, snare, and toms seem to be the only audible parts of Horgh's kit half the time, with the hi-hat and other cymbals vaguely audible (which is a real shame because the drums could really have fucking destroyed had they been produced a bit better and turned up higher in the mix). Immortal should re-record Blizzard Beasts and do this chaotic masterpiece justice.

Suns That Sank Below is undoubtedly the best (and most overwhelming) song on the album. Nebular Ravens Winter is another great earthshaker, as is the brutal Blizzard Beasts (that opening riff fucking destroys!), Frostdemonstorm, and the one that everyone knows, Mountains of Might (although I don't care for that cheesy keyboard intro - it sounds like something out of those low-budget educational films).

Review by: Ankou

This is Immortal's fastest album, and the band's 'least-progressive' album.
the songs here are very straight-forward, and get 'wild' quickly.
it's a very good release, made of excellent songs and suitable production.
even thoough Immortal chose to take another step forward, this album has everything an Immortal fan would excpect and love, the Immortal energies are all over it.
favorite songs are Nebular Ravens Winter and Mountains of Might.

Review by: forgotten

Is this some kind of “the fastest drum contest”? Because if it is that I would give 100 % to this album, but it’s not really that and I think that the idea of the album it’s to make music, and good black obscure and macabre music. What we ear its some fast tracks with fast beats and fast riffs with some vocals in the mixture… I was excepting something like “Diabolical full moon mysticism” (that have all that worked sounds and a macabre mystic) and not something like “Panzer division Marduk”. When I ear a black metal album I want to ear not just music, I want to ear art and a worked concept, and not just bang bang bang, because if I want that I see some kind of a war movie. But despite all this the music’s are good and have a Nordic filling, we can feel all the black and cold wind from the northern mountains when we ear this.

BATTLES IN THE NORTH: this is the biggest track of the album with 4 minutes and 11 seconds, it starts with insane riffs and insane beats, than the vocals starts and the “real guitar” starts with a beautiful sound, in the middle we can ear some “solos” of guitar that are good managed and with a perfect timing, and than the core blows: “BATTLES! BATTLES IN THE NORTH!” it looks like a warrior that it’s singing a war song, very interesting music.

GRIM AND FROSTBITTEN KING: and what a surprise, more fast beats starts with this music, in all the track the drummer it’s bagging and bagging with a insane pulse Armageddon, and what it’s strange in this track it’s the fact that the vocals are slow and make the impression that he is profaning some kind of a rite, this music ends with a perfect solo.

DESCENT INTO EMINENT SILENCE: yeah, now yes I can cut my self with joy and happiness, finally a really cool music, bang bang bang bang bang bang in a insidious overture, good guitar we ear here, it’s what makes this album good, in spite of the fast and not that much finked drums we can ear a good guitar, there is more instrumental in this music that the vocals, this is something that I like to see.

THRONED BY BLACKSTORMS: and we have a new here! This music DO NOT starts with a machine gun sound but with a guitar riff, VERY COOL! We flow with the guitars here, I really like this music because there is a much better drums and the part that he screams “throned by black storms” followed with a macabre guitar it’s beautiful.

MOONRISE FIELDS OF SORROW: … no comments on this one, this is just 2 minutes and 27 seconds of something that I can not really understand… what save this music it’s one more time the core and the good vocals that we can see in this album.

CURSED REALMS OF THE WINTERDEMONS: this is a cool music like the other ones, but we can not take something new from here

AT THE STORMY GATES OF MIST: boring? I don’t know if I can say that because it’s a cool music and ImmortaL will always be ImmortaL, but one more time there is nothing new here

THROUGH THE HALLS OF ETERNTY: this music sounds like some kind of epilogue of “AT THE STORMY GATES OF MIST” because this music it’s in the most part of it a instrumental feast and in the moment that the other music ends this starts with no stops

CIRCLING ABOVE IN TIME BEFORE TIME: I really think that this is the best track of “Battles in the north”, the monotony here it’s violated. Yes, this is the best music in the album; here we find everything that we want to find in a good black metal album.

And “battles in the north it’s finished, despite all the kind-of-boring stuff this is a good album, we can not deny it. ImmortaL will always be a good black metal band.

Review by: abismo

I think this is by far the worst Immortal album ever: average songs ("Mountains Of Might" is the only good song on the record), average sound quality and, above all, average playing; Demonaz plays quite bad already due to his arm injury and also Horgh plays his drums far less precise than on later releases. All in all, it's not extremely bad (I wouldn't use the word "crap" in this case) but it's certain that all other Immortal albums are much better than 'Blizzard Beasts'.

Review by: Hexegot

Most people usually say this is the "worst" Immortal album, etc...
In my opinion, it's far better than battles in the north, in fact it's on my top-3 best Immortal albums, it has a really good atmosphere and the production kicks ass, druming is very good and overall it's just fuckin' black metal with a touch of old-school death metal here and there.
After this was released, guitarist Demonaz left the band, and nothing this good was ever released anymore by Immortal.

Review by: Hardboiled

i admire the attempt to turn to a sound a bit more thrashy, and this is a great album, but at the same time it's the beginning of the immortal skin-changing to some kind of clowns playing power metal....

Review by: o

Not up to the usual Immortal standard, granted Horgh is an amazing drummer but the album remains fairly inconsistent. At times it sounds brutal and overwhelming, other times a bad black thrash crossover and bizzarely occasionally it sounds like pompous and cheesy power metal (note the intro to "Mountains Of Might")... a progression, but in the wrong direction....

None of the grimness of previous albums.

Review by: mourning star

Some people might complain about the production on this album but I think it fits the album, and the musical standards on this album are beyond amazing. Suns that Sank Below, Nebular Ravens Winter, Noctambulant are just a few of the great tracks, Mountians of Might being my favorite. 10/10

Review by: fosvart

I really like this one. 1997 was a great year for black metal, no matter what you may say. I mean alongside Blizzard Beast we got Ancient's "Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends", Dimmu's "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant", Old Man's "The Pagan Prosperity" and so on. I mean this year was amazing and though I was only 5 years old I could understand that it was a great year. And now some words about Immortal's 1997.

Immortal has ALWAYS been just immortal. Less Satan, less blood and death and more winter. And Immortal's 1995, 1997 and 1999 are the coldest and most depressing albums. The sixth song from Blizzard Beasts (Mountains of Might) is one of the most complete song ever. Not only in Black Metal. Ever. Immortal can not be just hated. I think they are one of the greatest bands ever and 1997 is one of their greatest albums. When I shut the sun light and listen to Blizzard beasts I feel cold. I feel dead. I feel doomed. Crushed by an Avalanche. This albums is just amazing. Stop hating it. Listen to if a couple of times first.

Review by: shadowsong

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