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Immortal's first album. It isn't that fast as the later albums, but it has got a quality that was never reached by any other band, its so dark and mystic, and when I listen to it, I really get a cold. This CD turns your room into a Cryptic Winterstorm!

Review by: flix

How dare you guys make such album!'s rather good! Though it's definitely not in the same spirit as the later albums, but it still has some great songs, like "Call of the Wintermoon" and "A Perfect Vision of the Rising Northland". Rather humorous beats from Armagedda, not resemblent to their new stuff, but there's a couple blastbeats.

The first time I heard this my reaction was the following; "Holy "#%W¤#&#¤%/! Is this really Immortal?! Man this is pure shit!", but when listening it through couple of times, I began to like it. Demonaz's aggressive guitar work doesn't sound so aggressive in this record and Abbath's growls are rather Shagrath-like. But still, good one(though worst of Immortal albums, but still good debyt considering the other band's debyts).

Review by: Punisher

I would rather say that this is one of the best Immortal albums. The fantastic intro puts you in a dark mood directly, and the album has the atmosphere and the spirit that the later albums don't have. Abbath's vocals doesn't sound like shagrath at all, he has got the best voice he has recorded -awsome! Armaggedas very rythmic drumming fits perfectly to the rather slow music. The production is VERY underestimated -very dark and atmospheric.
Truly recommended for those of you who enjoy old school black metal with atmosphere!

Review by: Sombre

This is one of my favorite black metal albums ever! So what it isnt fast like thier later stuff, but it is a great recording. Their best ablum in my opinion.

Review by: raydaarab

One of diamonds on the black metal scene. Enjoy it! Real and pure fucking METAL! HS!

Review by: gothmog

totally wonderful epos, bad sound quality, but the last song is one of the best black metal songs ever done!

Review by: magus_caligula

When I first heard this album I just froze, that intro with an acoustic guitar and the sound of wind it’s just paralyzing, and then suddenly appear something like a ghost whisper. This intro it’s fucking creepy and a so beautiful euphony
Than the intro it’s finished and “The call of the winter moon “arrives like a blade in my skin. That demon with a serious infected voice fuck everything around my body… he just keep crawling for a beat while the guitars are devastating everything that’s alive, than the vocalist start singing with a orgasmatic voice while a unreal battery destroy my ears, and fuck… the guitar solo explodes, visions of a world falling apart enter in my mind, and suddenly the vocalist start preaching “The call of the winter moon” like someone was tearing apart his heart...This massive song it’s finished and starts “unholy forces of evil” that for telling the truth it’s a kind of an boring music, but than the drums really activates in a hell hammer massive impulse and become a more interesting thing… but I really didn’t like that much “unholy forces of evil”
Ok and at this moment I was expecting something as good as “The call of the winter moon “and “cryptic winter storms” starts, it was like I where in other dimension was you see a red sky and rivers of pain floating around in a destroyed world… the acoustic guitars just make a insane work here, it’s like a macabre poesy just to listen the suffered vocals while the acoustic guitars appears from nowhere… and the song it’s this frenetic circle of pain for 6 minutes and 7 seconds with a bonus that I was not excepting that is that acoustic kind-of-solo at the end that blow my brains away with sad images of destruction… ravens where cutting the sky while I was masturbating in a bone-made thrown of insidious pain
And now start “Cold Winds of funeral dust” that in my opinion it’s what takes the perfection of this album… I really think that this music don’t have nothing especial.
And to equilibrate the deception that was “Cold Winds of funeral dust” “Blacker than darkness” explode. In this music I really think that the vocalist was cutting himself while e reproduce the true mouth of demoniac and possessed slave of Satan, he really can do some voices of dark pain that makes this album so especial to me
And last but not least “A perfect vision of Ris”, a really calm music at the beguine that can make tears appear in my crystallized face of pain… I was starting to cry by insanity when the guitars appear… and the anger took my body and a kind of a filling of destruction invades my particular world, at this moment the crawls start with a really slow rhythm… than suddenly a apparent peace arrives with the acoustic guitar fallowed by the another but more huge beast crawls… than he stop singing (crawling or whatever) and a guitar solo appears like a blizzard of wind, this music it’s 9 minutes and 2 seconds of pure insanity… this album really moves with my fillings… the lyrics are poetic
I am really fucking if the production may look like crap… the music’s are brutal… and do no forget that this is the first invasion of a band so you have to considerer that point of view

Sorry if the text has a pour and basic vocabulary but I am not English so it is quite difficult to right in this language

Review by: abismo

Dark and atmospheric Norwegian black metal with dirty and dusty sound… Like black metal has to be. Though this one never will be my favorite Immortal-album I still enjoy listen to it… Especially on a windy, dark and rainy winter night, which gives the right mood for the sound of this one.

7 out of 10

Review by: Demonheart

Many people say that this album is bad because of its miserable sound and the musicians' lack of talent. THAT'S TOTAL CRAP! THE ALBUM IS A KILLER!!! The atmosphere is extremely dark and the sound of the solos is just fucking sick!

Review by: the_patriarch

really really nice! very good sounds & atmosphere! CRYPTIC WINTERSTORMS is one of the best b.m. songs ever written! ...........OF HELLLLLLL!!!!!

Review by: the fog

Er, sorry. It´s me again. Actually Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism is´nt the only Immortal cd I could´nt get my head around. Only the first two tracks on Sons of Northern Darkness are keeping the flame burning. The others on that cd fall flat for me. Thank you for your time.

Review by: snowbeast

can i say???, what fuck can i say if you had said it all???... what can i say in front of a fucking masterpiece like this album??... masterpiece, masterpiece, fucking masterpiece of black metal... immortal had said it all... one of the best album that i ever heard in my life... need to say more????

Review by: northvisions

I really like this album. It's a lot different from their later albums, but its good in a different way. It has a very dark and magical feel to it. It's not full of blast beats like their later stuff, mostley just moderately paced songs. Don't get me wrong, I like their other albums also. There are some really good acoustic guitar but woven into the riffs here which makes the riffs seem quite mysterious. Cryptic Winterstorms is one of the best Immortal songs ever in my opinion. It is an album worth buying, but don't expect a Pure Holocaust of sorts. 8/10.

Review by: Rimmon

Very dark album, veryvery good. Just like most second wave black bands its getting worse after first 3 albums. This album is true immortal HAIL OLD IMMORTAL!!

Review by: Occulta

I guess the only way to sum up this album is; Either you love all Immortal, or you can't stand this Immortal because you're to used to the blindingly fast-paced music that is most of Immortal's discography. For me this album was rather boring, except for a few interesting guitar parts, and the drums weren't anything extreme (Though they matched the music perfectly),and abbath's vocals aren't the dying frog like we're used to, so I can't say I enjoyed the album, but i won't slam thier efforts to put out a worthy debut. I'm sure some of you will like this.

Review by: fosvart

Nubs cant stop thinking about Sons of Northern Darkness? This is raw true norwegian and should be appreciated.

Review by: tallbushery

This album is awesome. I have Sons Of Northern Darkness, Battles In The North and this album. This album is their very first one in the U.S.

Review by: Matt B.

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