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This is a real good underground EP. The times where Immortal just began, damn good. Vague, mystic, dark and damn cold. This EP is really rare now, hard to get! So if you haven't got it yet, try to find it! It's worth your (also) rare money! This EP takes you into The cold Winds Of Funeral Frost!!!

Review by: flix

Sometimes I like this Ep much more than the first three Immortal releases. It is the essence of Immortal's world of coldness and evil. Cold Winds of Funeral Dust is for example the BEST Immortal song ever written! It contains EVERYTHING, y'kow?! It's just like black heart of an enormous size pumping out more and more evil, filling the emptiness with the Northern Darkness! About their lately work I wouldn't say anything. Those aren't Black Metal at all even if somebody tells it...

Review by: Goatworship

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