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Ahh the new Immortal opus..I have to say that it is good, it is an improvement on Damned...however it isn't as good as At the heart...and in my opinion maybe tries too hard to regain the might and atmos of that record.
However..Immortal still fucking rule and they will storm with these new live songs.

Review by: Vanguard

I can't imagine that a black metal album would get any better than "Damned in Black", but the amazing guys of Immortal does it still! Especially I like the sound of Tyrants. Besides that, my favorites are "One by One", "In My Kingdom Cold" and the astonishingly awesome "Antarctica", which is one of the best songs in the whole blackmetal scene. Abbath, Horgh and Iscariah can be d*mn proud to have this sort of record released. Let's just all hail to Immortal again!

Review by: Blashyrkh86

hi dear reader !
that seems immortal have a rebirth after their 1999 album at the heart of the winter and continued their new sounds after that. the sons of northern darkness is one of the greatest black metal recordings ever. too melodic and rythmic ! i hope immortal don't want to return to their old stuffs like BATTLES IN THE NORTH...! SATAN BLESS THEM..
RATING: 9.5/10

Review by: demafire

They signed to nuclearblast (i got to admit I was scared) to release this one, and sh*t, they guys are like good wine, they get better and better with time. Still in the same vein as their last 2 records, and same line-up as on DIB. I like every song on this record, and i am proud to see that there is still some people out there that can put a song with 3 or 4 riffs in it and still, it will be an amazing song (tyrant, for example). Pure metal the way it should be done, these guys are simply the elite of what remains of this black metal genre. Get this at all cost or die ignorant.

Review by: arckangell

I can't imagine what will be the next IMMORTAL album because this really kicks ass. In my opinion this is a fucking masterpiece and you must buy it or die. I should say that this band is the one-way-keeping in the black metal scene, because they never make changes in style. They just improve their old stuff. This is IMMORTAL - cold and massive. I hope that their style will never change...and then I will die with smile. And when they stop releasing albums they have to be sure that they'll be immortal my heart.

Review by: Zagule

This album really kick ass. This album havent got one singel bad song. GREAT GUYS!!!!

Review by: torgoroth

And so Immortal has come back with a new album. After hearing the average Damned In Black (with the exception of the magnificent title track, that album was very poor by Immortal's standards, sinking even lower than Blizzard Beasts), I wasn't sure if Immortal would redeem themselves, especially after their signing with Nuclear (Anal)Blast. It turns out that Immortal's latest offering has become my second favourite album from this frostbitten Norwegian horde, with Pure Holocaust of course being untouchable in my eyes.

The production is the best I have heard from Immortal (possibly ever!). Most good productions detract from the overall feel of the music, as the slickness ends up making it feel void of any mysticism. It's not really a bad thing in this case - the guitar sound is as cold as ever, the drums beat a massive punch, and the bass is clearly audible and well played. Without this production, the power and majesty of the album would never have been witnessed.

One will also notice the maturity and professionality with which Immortal plays their instruments: Abbath's riffs are well-structured and played (think of the Heavy Metal inspired riffs of At The Heart Of Winter but with the atmospheric chords of Pure Holocaust thrown in) and Horgh never gets thrown off his timing or fails to come up with a perfect drum section to complement and emphasize Abbath's genius riffs.

The greatest songs on Sons Of Northern Darkness are: One By One (a complete thrash fest which still retains that trademark Immortal sound), In My Kingdom Cold (the opening distorted arpeggio is fucking killer and it even has a slow, "heavy" section in the middle which hasn't been heard in Immortal before), the powerful and majestic track Antarctica, and last but definitely NOT the least the epic Beyond the North Waves (a sort of Pagan Metal song that is a fresh interpretation and excellent homage to Bathory's monumental Blood Fire Death album).

If you don't own this album already (it's been out for a damn long time now), I have an effective remedy to correct the situation: stop reading this review, get your lazy arse off of that moistened chair in front of your PC, bolt to your nearest music shop like a black wind in the majestic Northland, and fish out whatever cash is necessary to keep your frozen fingers clasping this CD forever.

Review by: Ankou

this is what true heavy metal is all about! cant think of a better real metal band

Review by: jizzyfart

Again a new Immortal-album is upon us...this band kills me, I can't think of anything band of them, just always the best norwegian black metal, somethimes with a little bit death and always that lovely trashy sound of cold gitar-rifs.
Sons of northern darkness gives me that cold-winter feeling back of 'at the heart of winter'...all one by one-like the first song-metal of a extremely high level, immortal Abbath-vocals, makes this album number '1' of 2002!!

Review by: Cruel_Wolf

Another good one from Immortal but not their best.
There are more heavy metal riffs on this album then before which is not a bad thing but I like the older records more then this one.Listening to S.O.N.D.I have the feeling that the songs are too long.(and here we go again)In My Kingdom Cold.It's a sad thing that this is their last album.We must hail them for their music.For me Pure Holocaust&Battles In The North are their masterpieces.
Everyone will have his own favorite.A monument in black is gone but their music will be with us forever.
Hail blashyrkh.

Review by: doom occulta

People will probably hate for saying this, but I don't find SONS OF NORTHERN DARKNESS as cool as the previous albums. After Immortal's all to commercial release, DAMNED IN BLACK, I fear a lot for this one, and... well, there are some extremely awsome tracks: One by One, Antarctica and Beyond The North Waves, but the Immortal Spirit is gone; no more brutal, dark and cold snowmen, but a clean, nice and fast sound.

7 out of 10

Review by: Demonheart

this album is simply perfect! abbath's voice has never sounded that powerful before and the album contains some of the best riffs ever written. people always talk about how brutal and heavy certain bands are but sometimes they are just damn boring because they always repeat the same high speed riffs. "sons..." is different, immortal just know how to keep their songs interesting. immortal's guitar sound is (and has always been) unique and is really heavy, it just blows you away!!!

Review by: the_patriarch

i have not heard much else by anyone, or immortal themselves so cold. anytime it is freezing out and the vast grounds are caked with snow, i pop this album in my car while driving with the windows down. you can feel such a strong atmosphere, and coldness in this record. personal favorites are...within the dark mind, antartica, and of course, beyond the north waves.
get this cd or you will be denying yourself something great.

Review by: frostdemonstorm

Don't buy this crap! There is no inspiration and cold atmosphere on this pussy album! Only the last song is pretty good. +Daughters of Northern Darkness+

Review by: MELKOR_ZG

this album is full of heavy pounding drums, abbaths singing very good but i think ones in athow were much more evil but just my opinion. once more drumming very impresive when he trys, this album is pretty short but well worth the 17buck or how much you pay. not greatest album to end bands career with, because leaves you wanting more but opens up with "one by one" which get to point rite away. if you life any immortal song or have any album i suggest you get this-goat fuker

Review by: goat fuker

A fucking great album with a cold atmosphere.
Only minus is that you get bored after a few run troughts

Review by: elton john

Previous reviews of this album pretty much say it all. Back when I first listened to this cd, I said to myself- "Hell Yeah! Immortal came back to us"! I also liked that bonus DVD. I know it was just recorded from behind the soundboard, but it's pretty cool. The photo gallery is interesting, too. I would hate to be on the receiving end of some of those weapons! Hail Immortal- we forgive you for "Blizzard Beasts"!

Review by: pannick

This is a fucking good album by immortal.
not one bad song, only someone better than others.
Check out theese songs: Sons Of nothern darkness, In my kingdom cold and Beyond the north waves.

Hail the Immortal Souls And The True Fucking holocaust metal they gave ous!

Review by: mayhem91

fuckin immortal they rule. this album rocks not their best but still it rules.

Review by: moonshadow

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