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The perfect fusion between raw black metal and epic feeling from the folk, dark forest full of elfs is the feeling!! The Vintersorg from Hell!!

Review by: MESSE NOIR

Although I dont really believe in a combination of folk and black metal I think its a great effort, Fenriz did it once again.

Review by: Schaambaard

this album is truely a masterpiece, i love every track on it
fenriz kicks ass

Review by: Escalation 666

this one is even better than the first...but the last two songs have got something that dont fit in with me,altho' they are good.NESLEPAKS!

Review by: the fog

the 3 first tracks on this album is great they are so fucking good.

Review by: gruttle

great,great,great-burn the bloody churches-the king of JEWS is a liar

Review by: iudicium

And another great album by Fenriz. Black metal with some folkish in it except those last two tracks which are just original black metal. I would give 5/5.

Review by: Lepracunt

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