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The best black metal album ever!!!
True norwegian black metal!

Review by: Djinn

best work ever!!!!!!!! in mÉxico, fenriz is to more black soul. we worship him!!! i think that vinterskugge album is the most black folk performing ever. much black feeling and atmosferic evil spirit in only one album. hail fenriz....

Review by: guillermovargas666

Isengard is FUCKING GREAT !!!!!!!!! This is a very good album, just get it.

Review by: Khold666IsGreat

amazing album, amzing atmosphere
Fenriz is a genius

Review by: Escalation 666

altho' i dont like darkthrone very much this fenriz work kicks asses.

Review by: the fog

here we have another masterpiece by norwegian black metal icon fenriz. it´s astonishing how much variation this album offers. some songs are more in the black-, others more in death metal vein. so if you like soulside journey (as i do), you will, besides somes ugly and necro BM stuff, and epic more viking style tunes (vinterskugge, naglfar), also have associations to soulside journey, and scandinavian DM in general. of course always with relatively grim and basement-like sound, but with interesting variations. some songs even fall totally out of the frame, like "storm of evil" and "our lord will come" which offer melodic sung vocals which are really hard to describe.

Review by: Keller

An excellent blend of Black metal and folk music, a total classic. Fenriz is a fucking genius.

Review by: Nagoth

This is an album I did not expect to like upon beginning speculation, due to my previous bias of Fenriz. This is probably the album that turned my opinions of Fenriz around (along with Storm's Nordavind) and I am now pleased I gave myself the chance to delve further into Fenriz's non-Darkthrone music and hear some of the most ear-pleasing metal. 10.

Review by: CursedFuneral

only true believers will survive the storm of evil! i can't get it out of my head. other songs ruled aswell, but i liked hostmorke better tho.

Review by: hj

Much more than just a demo tapes collection, one of the albums that truly describe the spirit of Music, never too get used to listen to it again... A must!

Review by: K.K.

Amazing Fenriz is a true genius in music and the clear vocals are good. Each chapter is great. Great Black/folk metal by one great Musician

Review by: Once Emperor

this album put togheter three demos which fenriz recorded in the early '90, it is very eterogeneous... a prove of the multiverse genius of fenriz... epic and hypnotic, dark and joyous.
don't miss it.

Review by: o

Very nice BM/Viking/Folk music. His music is very special. Sounds very dark, melodic with absolutlely great voise. DONT MISS THIS !

Review by: Gustav_

This is a simply amazing album by Fenriz who most will know from Darkthrone, Dodheimsgard etc. The tracks are taken from three different demos, the first being slow metal with Norse folk singing. The second, old school death metal. And the third, more or less similar to two but slower. In my opinion the first demo is by far the best, but they are all fantastic. This album is recommended to anyone who is looking for something a bit different to listen to.

Review by: bmik

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