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Damn this is good! simple nice riffs when i first listen to this album i expected some marilyn manson inspired space metal shit but this is 100% pure BM. the lyrics and vocals is in norwegian and are very good. some erlier dark throne mabey 9/10!

Review by: tompa88

It's very dark and cold album. Maybe a bit boring in some places, but it's not a big problem. Bass sounds very deeply. I'll give it 9/10.

Review by: Norddh

I am a big fan of KHOLD so i think that the Music is very Primitive and Raw and the Bassdrum on this album has not a very loud sound so it is pretty hard to hear it but the drumming is perfect. and the Vocalist GARDīs voice is very very Raw and the Guitars on this album has very primitive riffs and the bass is very loud and cool! and if you put all this togheter you will find all you ever wanted to hear on a Pure black metal album

Review by: Chaoricus

If you enjoy Cradle of Filth or Mystic Circle, this album is not for. Here it's just about raw an fuking groovy black metal. all sounds very great on this album: from the bass to the grim voices.

Review by: Quintessence

never heard but if the music is like cover,,,IT REALLY SUCKS!!!!! whut is this shit? wont yiu callit black metal i hope......

Review by: the fog

the whole music is very good but bass fucking kills on every kholds album

Review by: slayerr

this album is empty!!

Review by: empio

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