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This such a great album. Not only beacause of hte song writing but also the language and artwork.
Mostly mid-tempo metal but still grim sounding,

in one word GEWELDIG.


Review by: yob666yob69

Great album!
Weird language though, (old?) Norwegian. But it's fitting. Great, almost doom, atmosphere. Makes you want to drag a Norse virgin into the woods and ritually... (or are the Swedish chicks better?). Serious; you can imagine dark Norse woods with heavy undergrowth uner a funeral moon (of course) with howling wolves (Lone Wolf Hunter), etc..
Kortom, kopen dat plaatje!

Review by: Mighty Ravendark

Many good songs and there is quite weird atmosphere in the album.

Review by: black_fog

To all the BM fans out there: support bands like this! Support those guys from Oslo! Khold plays cold, dark, measured but inexorable black metal. Dress a black overcoat, paint your face and start for a spectral walk through the forest...they shall be your proper soundtrack.

Review by: nebbia

Khold is the fuckin' greatest band in the world, i think they made a really good album with Phantom.
The Norse vocals are very cool !!!!!!!!!

Review by: Khold666IsGreat

i'm sorry i saw those guys live, and it was like some crazy children were dressed in zombies, primitive music, this band is nothing special, it's not black metal i would call this shit metal

Review by: Escalation 666

Sucks...only you guys can be impressed by this pile of words

Review by: zamzack

this album is better than the first. It sounds primitive and raw... very slow, ok, but they keep the atmosphere of the true norwegian black metal with their own feeling.

Review by: Quintessence

great album, great band. the mix between rock 'n roll and grim bm works pretty good, unlike someone who's name will be reversed for privacy reasons (kcazmaZ) stated. yes, this is a killer band who's going to be even bigger in the future. i'm looking forward to the next release.

Review by: astathica

One year after their first full length effort "Masterpiss of Pain' (2001) black metalheads Khold (Oslo, Norway) released this magnificent album.
Gard (vocals/guitars, ex-Tulus) and Sarke (drums, ex-Tulus) made another great mid-tempo black metal pearl.
The record starts with 'Dødens Grøde' a track that varies from mid-tempo to blast-beat-like parts to doom/black metal. Skjebnevette is one of my favorite Khold tracks written to date, with some very effective simple guitarriffs over an even more effective drumbeat, this is what i like in black metal!
The lyrics are written in an old Norse style which are written by Hildr. Personally i can't understand a fucking thing he is singing, but it sounds quite cool. Overall the vocals are quite old-school sounding, which fits the music perfectly. Overall im very satisfied with this second Khold release, the only thing i hope they do is bring a little bit more variety in the songs, because after all its'almost all mid-tempo, and it's the same as their previous album. Some more fast parts, or blastbeats would be a very welcome guest!

rating: 8.5/100

Fans of true primitive mid-tempo Black Metal with no real surprises can easily count 5 to 10 points above my rating!

Review by: khold666isgreat

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