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I could'nt really be fucked explaining why this album is a masterpiece so you'll just have to take my word on it.

Review by: Duplo_mccarthy

If you compare this piece into a later one ("Animatronic"), you'll find this album best around! Animatronic is kind of a dance crap but this album has great musicians, like Nagash, Astennu and amazing Hellhammer. My opinion is that "The Sulphur Feast" and "Bringer of the Sixth Sun" are the real masterpieces.

Review by: Blashyrkh86

The starting of "The Sulphur Feast" is cool, but the whole song? That's ULTRACOOL! And that's about it for the album. Oh yeah, there's another piece "Bringer of the Sixth Sun", which goes too, but the rest of it is pure sh*t! I don't like that fucking mainstream crap they did, but what the hell? The next album "Animatronic", that's pure shit! And they claim to be black metal? I can't find anything black in that album. But this one goes better. "Bizarre..." would be better if the harmonics were left off. But no, I'll just have to live with the thing, that I've lost my money on this album. Dot.

Review by: Blashyrkh86

I know they should get a big 0 for originality, but don't ask me why : i f*cking like this album. It is nothing new, simply some kind of dimmu borgir metal, but i don't know, it is a very accesible "black metal" release and I found myself enjoying it a lot. Give it a try and you might end up like me.

Review by: arckangell

I do not like classical black metal but such kind of the stuff like in "Nexus Polaris" is cool. That is evident example that symphonic and atmospheric black have a deep potential for further perfection. Technical characteristics of the release are very high and the material is not as boring as of bands of true black metal. Perfect.

Review by: Birute

This album doesent have any bad songs, all are great.

Review by: Night Stalker

Genius! Sverd, Hellhammer, Astennu, Nagash, and Blackheart are all fucking geniuses on this album... even SJD's fat ass managed to pull it off.

Review by: malevolant_seraph

Nexus Polaris in comparisson with In times before the light.. sux... but this album is 1000000 times better that Animatronics and S.E.T.I

Review by: Nocturno Fenriz

Hmm, they call their music space metal nowadays, nexuspolaris is like a mixture of melodic black metal and even space metal. to my mind this album is better than animatroic or seti, I like it!

Buy it if you like the kovenant, if you listen to "normal" bm, it could happen that you won't like it very much.

best songs: the sulphur feast, planetarium

Review by: Vintersjele

Covenant's best release, till now, i just heard S.E.T.I and the previous albums.. and for sure i can say surely this is the "Core" of their music. their previous album they werent "Mature" enough, this album is their perfect equilibrium, they are very mature, AND before their "Genre" changes to industrial blackmetal. it is highly recommended for all blackmetal heads, because it holds many great elements, vocals are very good, music is inspiring, the whole atmosphere is weird. As for the production, it could never been better. a must buy, my personal rating:

Review by: iNfernum

Ey this is BY FAR their best album. They have the traditional Black metal sound but still they maintain a sort of electronica sound in it. their synth and keyboard stuff is incredible and nagash`s voice is fantastic even better than on the later albums....

Review by: metallion

This band is a huge mistake. The music is awful. Bleah.. ;) Good for american high school boys. To me it sounds like metalled 'The Offspring'

Review by: manos

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