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I have bought this cd because someperson told me, that one member of this band is: SIR LUTTINEN from Impaled Nazarene, and I still dont sure if is true or not. But what I'm very sure, is the music of this cd is very very good. Is a kind of Dark Metal and Doom Metal... The album starts with a fast and heavy song and is definitely good. The rest of the album is slow, and sometimes heavy. The titletrack is my favorite song. I give to this album a 9 of 10.

Review by: Shaitanhorde

This album is very dark, i have never listened to something like that, plus it is awesome! i hope that legenda will do some good, new work soon.. .any of you know their website? email me at and my icq# is 67972473

Review by: iNfernum

After the debut album being rather a dull entirety, Sir Luttinen gives Legenda another go with "Eclipse".

Eclipse still contains those slow, atmospheric pieces that are basically good but tend to get boring after a while. But this time Legenda also has something more to offer with asskickers such as "The Night Has Drawn Night" and "Rev. 66". The album is all the way harder than the debut "Autumnal".

The slower stuff is also more listenable, containing more shades and being coloured for example with guest vocals, etc.

With more versatile elements "Eclipse" keeps the listener focused a lot better than "Autumnal", and is clearly a better album.

Review by: iNfernum

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