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This is, I think, Limbonic's best album. So different and so genuine material is hard to find nowadays. Heavy keyboard use with a classical touch, no fucking goth Cradle of Gays sound. High speed drumming (drum computer) gives it an extreme sound, and even though it's a modern sound it has a lot of atmosphere and feeling. 63 min of great music is never bad...
Highly recomended to any black metal fan, if you can buy anything that ain't "true".

Review by: Sombre

I think Limbonic Art is the prove that blackmetal can be combined with melody, keyboards and (drum) computers. This is great fast but yet melodic blackmetal. If it comes to melodic blackmetal this album is in the highest regions of my favorite CD's in that vein, with great vocals, melody-lines and drumcomputers this CD is just a masterpiece! I'm not really familiar with all the releases done by Limbonic Art but I believe at once that this is their best CD (as the person above this review tells).

Review by: Flix

This is easily the best Limbonic Art album. I thought there debut album sucked and hoped they would get better and they did. If you want to get something from this band get this album.

Review by: beast of prey

limbonic art,at the beginning of 2003, had prefeered to split up, and deliever to time and listeners 4 albums and 1 re-arranged and remastered demo-tape collection, for an enviable example of lightning innspiration in the extension of the 2nd norwegian blackmetal current... but they was something more. "in abhorrence dementia" ,at the light of all, represent simply the "top" of their own collection. not strictly tied at the traditional obscure black metal symphonism, here they had created a multi-dimensional and lightfully blinding trip, constructed around cutting guitars, surprising drum machine use,a full conscient synth using and incredible painted description of what they had seen in their own journey through darkness,magica-esoteric, madness, mystica, sorrow, unknown cosmic views, deliriums and prayers. "deathtrip to a myrage asylum", "venomous kiss of prophane grace", "misanthropic spectrum" are such songs that shines with strenght and inspiration than other bands in norway,sweden, germany or italy. a real journey through our own tartaros. definitively true drakhonian art. thanks.

Review by: anteus

This album from Limbonic Art is the best I have ever heard. Other records, compared to this one, are good, but his one is great. My suggestion is, this album in a must own.

Peace and Prosperity


Review by: BrainChakra

In Abhorrence Dementia is one of the greatest achifment in the Symphonic Black Metal.The sound is a bit vargue but it is good enought for me.I don't know why some give a low voting like 1,2,3,4,5 becouse this album is just genious and dark as In The Nightside Eclipse and Stormblast.Norvegian Black Metal Rules!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by: kiril

I am proud to be a Norwegian because of this one and moon in the scorpio.

Review by: Empress

I did'nt find very much that I liked of this album...sure it is Limbonic Art, and technical, but this sounds more on the generic side than any of their other works. I would say that mostly symphonic headbashers might dig this more than one who isn't into that kind of black metal.

Review by: sowwinwals

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