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this is one of the most relentlessly witty and furious albums ever. the music, while not being the most technical i've ever heard, is still non-stop, and will keep you banging your head from begining to end. corporate death's picking his strings so fast it sounds as if the guitar could catch fire any minute. if i had to actually describe the music itself i would have to catagorize it as a mixture of speed/thrash, with some punk riffs thrown in for good measure. every song is about a different serial killer, and the lyrics are downright hilarious, with titles like edmund kemper had a horrible temper and what the heck richard speck, its clear that corporate death knows his stuff. so if your into black humor and blazing guitar work i recommend you check this album out. standout tracks - nightstalker, sniper in the sky and white hen decapitator(just to name a few).

Review by: macabreferox

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