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If I ever meet these guys on the streets I'll be in a fucking moral dilemma. Should I run over them with my car (a couple of times to be sure they don't give us another album like this) or should I let them go and say :'now you suck, but "burn my eyes" was godly.' I mean, people at Roadrunner must be laughing as to all the money they can make with such an easy single as "From this day". Not just that, you know you got a crappy piece of shit in your hands when a band who was once see as Pantera's brother-in-law is doing a cover of "Message in a bottle" from the Police. Oooohhh. That hurts. They guys hang too much with Coal Chamber, and With this oh-so-boring nu-metal album, Robb Flynn gave us a good lesson : Integrity isn't the hardest thing to buy. Avoid This at all costs, for anyone can make something sound better with his ass alone.

Review by: arckangell

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