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This is an alright album with great guitar riffs, good drum beats and moderate vocals. The best songs are Old and Block on the CD. If you like Thrash metal, then this is your shit. If you are a Machine Head cunt, then this is really your shit!

Review by: duplo_mccarthy

this album is so fucking cool i just can't fucking describe it... too bad they are nu-metal now, but... MH thanks for this great album. My fav. track is absolutely: DAVIDIAN

Review by: nve

Machine Head !!!!!!! what a great band, Burn My Eys is one of the geatest albums in the world ... but I know that Machine Head sucks now with their Nu-Mtal shit they came with in the last 2 albums but guyz you should admit that this band needs to be known more than that, Burn My Eys and The More things Change are cool albums but, only to us, that's not enough to make them so popular. " what would gayz listen to " ??? heheh

Review by: Jerious

Heavy. This is the word that comes in my mind when I think about this release. Heavy. To my opinion, "Burn my eyes" is Machine Head answer to "Vulgar display of power". One of the best release of the 90's, Robb Flynn and his crew delivered one of the most heavy album of this kind of American metal ever. What makes this album so unique is the crushing sound they achieved which have some of my favorite guitar tuning of all times, every riff being like a fist in the face. Just listen to the first riff of "None but my own" at about 20 sec. or to "Davidian" and you'll know what i'm talking about. This record will makes you bang your head across the wall, and is perfectly suit for killing-spree-moshpit. Honestly, I haven't heard a guitar sound this heavy since this album. Too bad these guys didn't deliver the same good with their others albums (they became nu-metal fags with $ signs as eyeballs) but still, to make an album this good happen rarely more than once in a lifetime. Totally crushing release. So if you ever like Pantera or this kind of Pure American metal (to use Phil Anselmo words), have a taste of what heaviness was back then with this one and 'Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast!'

Review by: arckangell

Yes!!! This album kills!! Really heavy and thrashy as well. You can definately smell the Slayer influence in this one too. Picks: "A Thousand Lies", "Blood For Blood"


Review by: Doomah

Stupid people like the one who said "what would gays listen to?" are full-filling this world with garbage...
Guess is another one who can't think by their own and doens't respect others opinions. I don't even listen to machine head anymore... but I decided to take a look round here... and when I saw that review.. *sigh*
Guess we've to grow up and be a little bit more mature in music..

Review by: Vampyric

Yet another pile of crap that is sold to those that cant handle real metal.Machine head is with a doubt one of the most overrated bands of all time.Want to know what youll get from this album Boring as all hell riffs,Pathetic attempt at vocals and some soft as all hell lyrics.This band shold be crucified alongside those other Weak ass bands such as Maiden,megadeth and slayer.Buy it if you like the sound of shit dribbling out of your ears.

Review by: Vladtrovert

Just unbelievable. I've seen this band live twice, and I'm telling you, it's a unique experience. The amount of energy hidden in these songs is really unmatched. There are definitely some pantera influences, but also a lot of really thrashy parts. Rob Flynn's vocals completely fit the mood of the album and the lyric's are about the landscape of American politics. this is one of the most aggressive albums I've ever listened to and it's definitely one of my favourites of all time.

Review by: lucifer6

This is some brutal heavy stuff. Even though it's one of my favorite records it's the only Machine Head record I really care for. Their other records sound too much nu-metal and what have you but this one right here kicks some major ass. A rush of adrenaline from beginning to end. Say what you say about MH now but back in '94 these guys were not to be fucked with.

Review by: d3th

great album,a perfect sample of 90s thrash metal! a lot of influences from PANTERA but still ...this cd is unique.all the songs are masterpieces!!!if anyone has listen to the rest of their albums and not this i think you dont have the point why machine head is where they are today.back at 1994 everyone was loosing his mind with MACHINE HEAD!!jam with the mighty SLAYER covering VENOMs WITCHING HOUR,GREAT MOMENT.i'm not getting botherd to wright reviews for their rest of their cds cause i dont like them at all,if you are wandering why,this is not me to tell.find this album soon and forget what they are now.

Review by: sotiricon

This Album Is Fucking Good!!!

Review by: rasztarobi

Burn My Eyes is a truly crushing release. Pretty much all songs stand out. I prefer his vocals on Through The Ashes of Empires and The Blackening, but his voice on this album fits the music perfectly. An excellent display of groove.


Review by: False Messiah

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