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Return to form for Machine Head. The band may have lost some fans for good with their previous two albums, but it's their loss, for "Through the Ashes of Empires" is a great album - quite possibly even better than "Burn My Eyes".


Review by: Bahamut

An awsome come back for MH. They were overdue for a worthy release and finally, here it is. probably doesn't surpass the energy and aggression of "Burn my eyes" but it definitely comes second. Very solid release...Welcome back!

Review by: lucifer6

A great balls out metal record probably their best as far as i'm concerned mixes really hard in your face metal but with some melodies definatley worth a listen

Fav songs= Imperium and VIM

Review by: metal-head123

Total madness.Great album.One of my favorite!!!! Machine Head finaly return back from the crapy comercal style!!! A must for all metalcore fans

Review by: kiril

A solid release. after a couple displeasing nu-metal albums machine head hit back harder than they have since burn my eyes. A slightly different approach, his yelling has become a bit more screamy, which I like. I find after a while it gets a bit boring, just because a lot of the songs are longer but don't go anywhere. I have no problem with long songs, but just look at their new album, The Blackening (personally one of my favourite cds of all time): some of those songs are 10 minutes long but they're complex enough that it almost sounds like a couple tracks blended into one. An excellent return to form, and they're just getting better. 9.5/10

Review by: False Messiah

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