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Probably one of the best black metal albums ever. Fro the black metal golden years, pure evil and coldness with sinister melodies which fuck up your brain. Recommended.

Review by: zrinko

Before Malignant Eternal sold out for sunglasses, superstar production, neo-metal booklet artwork, and most of all, Kovenant krap music, they were a talented Norwegian black metal band who played in the style of early Old Man's Child and Dimmu Borgir (In the Shades..., and Stormblåst). This album has everything that got me into black metal to start with: freezing guitars, atmospheric and emotional keyboards (used sparingly!), and the cold northern production. The moment on the first song when thunder comes over the music is so beautiful and majestic. This album may be hard to find nowadays, but it may be on a few tradelists, or, as a LAST resort, egay. FUCKING GET THIS!!

Review by: Svantevit

By the way, listen to the re-recording of "North" on "20th Century Beast" and then the original one on "Tårnet". The re-recording doesn't even come close to being as good.

Review by: Svantevit

I remember my friend had this album and it was really fucking good. It's very hard to find these days. I don't know much about this band except that they turned into a bunch of faggots after this release. Cool cover too. Get it if you can.

Review by: Rimmon

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