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First official live release from these black metal juggernauts, Live in Germania has a flaw I can't get over : the sound is low and the mix isn't as great as I wished. Anyway, these guys are well known for their live performances, Marduk is indeed a monster on stage (if you haven't seen them yet, I suggest you do so) and most songs on this albums are well-executed. You can feel the hatred in Legion's words and Fredrik's drumming is great, but the guitars are missing this brutal edge they should have, and even Peter Tagtgren (their second guitarist for the tour, which is also the mastermind behind Hypocrisy) is not heard as much as he should. A decent recording for a first live release, but it miss the important point of Marduk live : the intensity and the whole feeling of hatred that conquer your soul when they take the stage by assault.

Review by: arckangell

Marduk's first Live-Album! One of the best Black-Metal-Live albums of all time.
Just listen to the incredible and live-versions of the brutal "Sulphur Souls" or the great "Darkness it shall be".
It can't be better.

Get it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by: warhellhammer

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