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Good album...a little bit funny... but the legions voice is not really good.

Review by: Northern Destroyer

I prefer La grande danse macabre and Panzer divion
this album is less heavy

Review by: Meka_Boss

This album isn't as interesting as La Grande Danse Macabre or Panzerdivision Marduk, it is only for metal heatd who want extreme speed...

Review by: mihkel

I heard a lot of people say this was a bad Marduk album so I waited a long time before I listened to it for the first time. It isn't bad at all, on the contrary; it's much more varying than the last few Marduk albums and somehow very majestic. Though I like Panzer Division (like many others) for its fast brutalness, this is a great new CD. If Marduk only made CD's like Panzer Division it would be very boring, woudn't it?

Review by: De Demoon

I don't understand why you guys prefer La Grande Danse Macabre. I think that World Funeral is a lot better.For me, La Grande Danse is the weakest album since Opus Nocturne BUT Opus is a great live...

Review by: FatherWithHorns

Ahh c'mon guys. How can you prefer "La Grande Danse Macabre" to this one??? Songs are a lot better even if I really like "Death Sex Ejaculation", "Obedience Unto Death" and "La Grande Danse Macabre" songs.

"La Grande ... album is the weakest album since "Opus Nocturne". I love this album live(Opus) but the album sound isn't really interesting.

Anyway, "World Funeral" sound is really powerful and it kicks a lot of ass...

Review by: FatherWithHorns

What is to say... MARDUK is back with a new evil, brutal and fantastic album. This is no way like PANZER DIVISION, but if it was, it would be a little to boring, right? I liked PANZER DIVISION very much, but a PANZER DIVISION 2 is expendable. Anyway, WORLD FUNERAL is another grusome and brutal album from this great black metal-band.

9 out of 10

Review by: Lost Soul

This is the best Marduk release so far, and I really like the sound of this one.

Review by: Demonheart

Since the release of World Funeral the stench around and in my house is disgusting. When people come to visit me they just die while I'm listening to World Funeral? I'm lucky to live in the woods so I can dig holes for them.It's getting very quit around here (all those missing persons make people go crazy). The police cannot figure this out! Legion (my pitbull)can find enough meat and bones for dinner so that's handy.The songs on World Funeral are great (with some melody in them sometimes!)It's a better cd than La Grande... When you like blackmetal you must give this cd a chance.The members of Marduk have said that the next cd might be more like the Panzer Battles!I'm gonna dig more holes! 90/100.

Review by: doom occulta

Another not really exciting Marduk-Album, not more.

I hope, they will soon record a second part of "Panzer Division Marduk"!

Review by: warhellhammer

Great Marduk CD, my favorite track would have to be "Bleached Bones". Alot of people have been saying they don't like the vocals on this one, but what the hell is wrong with them? They are badass, this is a great album, hyper speed as usual, some songs a bit slowed down, but usually breaks out in black metal havok! And can anyone tell me what the clip at the very beginning of the CD is from? (I suppose it's an old movie!!!)

Review by: fosvart

This was the CD that got me into Marduk.

Another solid release by Marduk with a good mix of brutal fast songs, and slower, more melodic tracks. The CD also enjoys a decent production quality too.


Review by: Bahamut

Marduk - World Funeral

Since it's been a while since they have recorded a new album, we could say that this Marduk album is more modern.
With Legions ever rotten voice, this album wasn't able to fail.

Music :

The usual tempo which we also find on Panzer Division Marduk is present. But on this album, Marduk has moved quite far away from the blastbeats which reigned supreme on PDM, which surprised me.

The guitars are the same blasting stuff with nice bass solo's now and then from the master, B-WAR.

Another great musical thing here are actual emotional passages. These blew me away, and showed me a complete new side of Marduk. For example : the instrumental passage in "Night Of The Longknives" was awesome, almost symphonic.

Guitar solo's also found their to the ear. Fast, like all of Marduk. These show us another side of Morgan, and add another new musical aspect to the album.

Sound :

A production nice and cutting. The drums sound killer as does the nice guitar distortion. This all provided with the needed heavyness of the full bass sound.

Over the album, samples have been scattered aswell. But this time, not only war sounds.

Overall :

The last album with Legion on it. This unholy disc belongs to the collection of everybody who likes black metal.

A great release in the vein of Panzer Division Marduk, but with new stuff all over it.


Way to go !

Review by: Mųrke Morgūl

To Forsvart: The clip in the beginning is from THE NAME OF THE ROSE with Sean Connery.

Review by: Demonheart

where is Fredrik Andersson? they put all the energy in the marduk previous albums, he new album is something without energy, boring, i could not listen all the album in one session is really boring

Review by: blot

pure noise, all riffs are identical, zero brutallity, no armony, no chaos, this cd is empty!

Review by: Havelok

Awesome brutal black metal! Fast, evil and crazy!

Review by: ĖzTĪCH

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