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nothing good you can expect from these JEWS bastards

Review by: iudicium

jew bastards?, excuse me but the guy who wrote that appearently is a retarded moron...
they may be from israel, but that doesnt mean that THEY are jews...
its like i could say all bands who are from "christian" countries are cristians.. but most are atheists...
melechesh really succeed in making good music.. beautiful mesopotamian melodies with heavy metal
check it out, its worth it

Review by: shadespawn

just a quick note to the above two morons (or below two, as the case may be) melechesh may be from "israel" according to your mainstreem sources, but THEY ARE PALESTINIAN, from palestine that is, who arent jewish, but mostly muslim. not that thats any better, but in either case, this band isnt chrstian, muslim, or jewish. i think it would be good if that was included in the band info =)
the album was kinda average... this band has never really done much for me, but i have to admit, Palestinian Black Metal is pretty unique, and the middle eastern influences are a nice touch. dont go out of your way to get this one

Review by: natte_skygge

You stupid cunt! Who would write 'those jews bastards' without listening to the music! The fact is, the above was right to say that all the bands that come from Norway, Sweden, England, France etc...are Christians! How unfortunate are those that like to seem cool and with it when they don't have a clue!

Onto the music, this lot play good and heavy and this album in particular is one of the better ones! I am getting sick to the fucking teeth with this new shit that i hear and Melechesh have kept it real and brutal throughout! Listen to further releases but to start with this one is a good beginning!

...and to listen to the likes of the first comment by iudicium is to fuck your own ears with the blunt end of a pencil and follow the lambs to the slaughter! The stupid fool who thinks Satan will save him from the pits of Jesus hell!


Review by: Der Vergawaltiger

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