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What the!!???... Why hasn't anyone rewiewed this album?? It's awsome mannn!!!... Go buy it... And quik!!!

Review by: the one

Fantastic album! Middle-east black metal. Kinda like the same concept as Nile. Original and well produced by Andy la Roque. "Sphynx" gives med visions about stonings to death and crucifixions. Sometimes vey aggressive and sometimes very calm, but allways ancient mesopotamian metal. Check this out if you are open for somethinmg new and fresh!

Review by: winterspell

The best album of Melechesh so far. Fast and brutal, I love its drums.
In my opinion - the less vocal the better for this band.

Review by: Jack the Nipper

well well well,what do you know,as always the pathetic metal world we live in makes another sad turn and ignore another landmark band...i just pity those metal clones who try to resurrect the near east feel,for example a band like NILE knows nothing about the nile only from books & tv..fucking bullshit man,all you american bands stick to your heritage...for all the other intelligent metalheads here the real true mesopotamian/near east black metal (MELECHESH) is the best black metal album..well since the early 90's when ZEMIAL/AGATUS/EARLY ROTTING CHRIST were still cult.
i have only 1 thing to say...SPHYNX is the best metal album since 10 years & if you want to hear real sorcery & witchcraft put into metal,then go fucking buy this cd now.
get a life NILE losers & stay away from the middle east.
hail melechesh & hellenic black metal. keep the flame burning for the djinn !

Review by: ez jweihan

this album is amazing.. the melodies and tempo-changes really get you grooving..
get it.. you won't be disappointed

Review by: shadespawn

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