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The album's great!!!!!!HAIL moonsorrow!!!!!That's viking metal!!!!!!!

Review by: CountessPersephone

This is something that I've never heard before. A greatest Moonsorrow album ever, I wonder will they make any better after this. Maybe, every album from this GREAT Finnish band has been real suprise for me.

There have been many, many changes from 'Voimasta ja Kunniasta' and more from 'Suden Uni' This is more folk than Moonsorrow ever. This is also a slower album and MUCH harder to listener. Even lengths of the songs make it harder first. Every song is about 10 minutes long, and every song offers something new and unique. This one WANTS full of your attention to listening. This can't be a background music.

Sounds are simply great, very clear and that's good.
There are not so much folk instruments on this album, but still this is more folk than ever. Melodies come more from guitars & synths. But they're more folk now, and ofcourse this wouldn't be Moonsorrow without moutharps, accordions etc.

Lyrics are very, very good, at their best they're on 'Raunioilla' (track 1) I ever heard something like that before.
Also growling vocals doesen't appear as often as before albums, they're there ofcourse. But 'Kivenkantaja' offers more choruses wich make me feel something about Vikings and old pagan religions in Finland. And I think that it should be that way.

The last track is shortest, but not bad one. A duet with clear male vocals & female vocals. A great one.

Song highlights: Rauniolla (the best Moonsorrow track ever!), Jumalten Kaupunki Tuhatvuotinen Perintö and Matkan Lopussa.

If you like Viking/pagan influenced folk metal with a great atmospheres this one IS MUST. I believe that this one will be a fucking CLASSIC some day. (at least for me)
-In nutshell: Moonsorrow better and unique than ever.

Rating: 10/10

Review by: Lawrence UA

Simply one of the best epic viking metal albums ever made!

Review by: Arcanomous

Well this piece, is quite excelent for me, melodic, atmospheric with traditional music elements...
Guys from MOONSORROW good work...thanks!!!

Review by: Ater

As i am totally agree with Lawrence UA i'll just give 10/10
First track's really amazing just like the whole album,

Review by: vampyr+mumu

Moonsorrow is greatest band from finland ever, I think...(It`s just my opinion). Trollhorn is great talent!He also plays in Ensiferum and Fintroll!

Review by: Perkele

WOW! This is great metal indeed! Moonsorrow are actually causing me to enjoy epic metal... It is nothing like those cheesy soundtracks that you hear in films or wherever although it sounds similar, but the guitar work and use of keyboards is exceptionaly good and pleasant to the ear.
Great stuff, I love it!

Review by: Valhalla

I think this is absolutely the best Moonsorrow album until now. The songs are just magnificent (check out the chorus of "Unohduksen Lapsi"!) and the atmosphere is also great - from the first notes that are played, I feel myself to be in a cold, icy world full of snow and ancient forests...


Review by: Hexegot

absolutely grand. Monumental, epic, nothing more to say. It´s Moonsorrow 10/10

Review by: Emperador

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