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A suprisingly enthralling doom metal outing, "Among Majestic Ruin" is as truly mysterious and insightful. Deep slow-grinding guitar with ominous keyboard melodies and low growling vocals are combined in five tracks of 5-8 minutes, each very different from the last This album even has some parts that sound like music from the computer game Doom at times, which is good because Doom has an awesome soundtrack. Track highlights are "In Ashen Tears (Thus I cry)" and "Travesty". A definate for all black and doom fans.

Review by: the_fated_hour

One of the best doom albums ever, to my opinion.
it's made of all the classic doom elements, which are well put out each.
good heavy sound.

Review by: forgotten

One of the very best doom/death releases ever !! You just cannot hear any sound similar to that nowadays. Too bad this album is too short and got out of print. Do not hesitate to get it when u find it in somewhere.

Review by: Ahlan

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