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Best atmosphere ever, 10/10 a true masterpiece

Review by: Jerry

Great atmosphere,great keyboards,good vocals too.The lyrics aren't bad either.this is the best Morgul album.
9.5 from 10

Review by: todundtranen

Actually I listened only two of Morgul's album completely (Horror G. and Sketch o.) but Horror Grandeur is the best one in their three full albums. I can not categorize this album into the black metal concept, it is full of Horror. The whole album is a nightmare, horror metal might be the description for Horror Grandeur. Violin usage is awesome and vocal is great too. Don't miss this piece if you are interested in listening to strange albums. This album reminds me stephen king's IT and a computer game: Kiss - The Psycho Circus.

Review by: enahxus

Atemporary Horror Masterpiece............... !!!!!!!! Just Beautiful

Review by: userfriendlyalfa

Pure wicked horror-metal with an insane atmosphere. One hell of a twist from their previous albums though.

Review by: winterspell

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