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Though I am quite sceptical when it comes to atmospheric black metal,this album is really good.The instrumental songs are great,the guitar parts are above average...too bad Morgul doesn't get the recognition the(well,actually,he) deserve(s)
My rating 8 from 10

Review by: todundtranen

Overall,the album is very good,but there is something missing...
8 from 10

Review by: todundtranen

morguls parody of the mass is very entrancing and leads you into dark horizons very atmospheric and twisted.10 out of 10 recommend to true doom goth black metallers of same taste.....

Review by: priest of darkness

Somethin strange happened to me when i've listened this album...i knew that before...i thought i've listened to those melodies inside of my mother uterus..."author of pain" thats exactly what reminds me my sounds a bit weird...but i am sure ! hell...for me this is the most mystical album i ever listened to...

Review by: dark-girl

It is great and amazing album that as well as the next ones made me think about Morgul highly.

Review by: Forgive

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