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Taken individually the songs are not bad(specially of murder...,truth,liars...,mashine and stealth),but overall this album is not quite unitary.And that kiss cover...(????).
Maybe only the lyrics estabilish the unity,but i think it is not enough.
7 from 10

Review by: todundtranen

This album is great, just perfect for me, with elements of black metal, classical music and good vocal-all the things I love about music. I recomend.

Review by: arsen

in a few words it's not for me , i'm sorry ; maybe i need two more bottles of rum

Review by: alcoholico

i have just discovered Morgul and now i'm listening Sketch over and over again. the music is so interesting and beautiful. and i just loved that crazy laughing in Truth Liars.

Review by: gogan

Well to tell the truth this album is strange from the previous album; The Horror Grandeur (and by the way if you are looking for horror smelling laughs, dont miss Horror Grandeur), Jack D. Ripper trys some electronical elements in this album and this electronical stuff generally kills the soul of the album in my opinion. The lyrics and the songs are again in the black/horror line but electronic impacts in the album is killing the soul. Maybe I shall listen it for many times to get the idea of the album but I just dont like it.

Review by: enahxus

i am watching over the Morgul from their birth...they are still alive and more then!!!!
"Of Murder And Misfortune" something which breaks my brians out!!!!

Review by: dark-girl

typicall MORGUL album-pleasant stuff-definitelly

Review by: iudicium

well this album is extremely great, the best in my gift option
I know people who feel somewhat dramatic but I do not, it's perfect

Review by: leidy

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